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How important is indoor air quality?

With all the issues that we had with the pandemic, most people have become hyper aware about indoor air quality. I have friends who have even installed whole home air purification systems inside their HVAC units. I am not saying that air quality isn’t important, but I am not sure if that was necessary for […]

My A/C condenser is in direct sunlight

I live in a 2-bedroom duplex, and I love it here. The place is perfect for me because I live alone. I don’t own the home, but I am friends with the landlord. Well, he’s more like family, he’s really good friends with my dad. And when he heard I was looking for a space […]

The HVAC unit at my doctor’s office broke down

I had my yearly checkup scheduled for tomorrow, but I just received a call from my doctor’s office informing me that their air conditioner broke, and the office will be closed until they can get a new unit installed. I tried to reschedule my appointment, but I was not given a new date. His assistant […]

Air conditioning is an essential need in some states

Did you hear the news about all the animals that have been dying from overheating out in the Midwest? This should be concerning to us all because when thousands of animals die like that, it interrupts the supply. Also, it shows that the temperature outside is getting hotter and hotter. And if the climate keeps […]