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We do a lot of heating unit repairs

We made some new pals (friend zone) recently and we have been hanging out quite a bit. They are in their 20s, however much more mature than we are at 50 years old. We feel like our minds are stuck at 25 years old too, however somehow they are still a lot more mature than […]

We knew the HEPA filter expert was right

We know the HEPA filter expert was right when she said that life has a lot of loss and we need to accept them all, as she was checking the indoor air quality one day while we were working Are you pleased with the life you are residing, or do you feel like something is […]

We’ll do a gig for their HVAC business soon

We will move back in a year or two and work for this local HVAC business back house for some years doing HVAC duct cleaning and repairs, while we play music at night in clubs and bars and spend time with our family and friends We will pound out some articles and then get out […]

He’ll leave the climate controlled loft

My cousin’s down to just about 30 minutes of work left online, but he is going to split out of here in about 10 more minutes to take a bike ride. He likes to get most of his work done before the ride though because when he gets to the beach his buddies will be […]

He finally got his hot water heating working

Jason just got back to his condo from the gym, which is an outside gym called the beach. His neighbor was out there and told him he wants to film his skyball serve, which is a serve that is served vertically into the air to a height of about 7 stories high. It then comes […]