Working at a farm store and feel that there’s terrible air quality

I work at a small farm store ever since I’ve graduated school, until I can find a full-time task.

I’ve been laboring there since I was in middle school and seasonally when I would come home on breaks from school.

It’s not a terrible task and it adds some money to my bank account each week. I do work on a farm however it is not a cattle farm. It is a crop farm and my pal and I sell a lot of fruits and vegetables. Most of the produce that my pal and I sell is our however other times we’ll get it locally. There is also a bakery section where my pal and I make sandwiches, muffins, cupcakes, brownies and all sorts of bakery items. When I was laboring there yupterday my nose kept running. According to some of the family room staff that do a lot of the baking their noses have been running as well. There is a vent and a fan that brings in frigid air and circulates into the family room so the family room is cooled down. My fine friend and I believe that the store does not have actually fine air quality. The air that is coming into the family room is from the cooler. And in the cooler it is actually moist and dark and there is a potential that mold particles are in the air. I believe that our owner should have an Heating as well as Air Conditioning specialist come and do an air quality test. Or at least maybe check the air filters the see if they need to be changed. Working in terrible quality of air is actually unhealthy when it comes to the upper respiratory system.

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