Going to church and there being a lack of a/c

Ever since I was a little girl my parents always stressed the importance of going to church. When I was little I was so excited to go to church because I was able to dress up in my favorite dresses and my mom would do my hair whatever way she felt would be appropriate. I was also allowed to pack my little backpack full of coloring books, dolls and other toys. The one rule that my parents had was not to bring any toys that made any sort of sounds. There is a lot of older people that attended our church and they looked down at children who made all sorts of noises. My mom can recall this one time when I was in church and I was acting up. It was on a very hot summer day and of course the day when the air conditioning in the church broke down. My mom figured that I was going to act up when she received an email from the pastor a few days before mass. The pastor said that their air-conditioning broke due to clogged air ducts and the air filter. It turns out that the pastor never had an HVAC technician come and service the HVAC system in the 15 years that he was there. Therefore the HVAC technician had to change out the air filter and get the air ducts cleaned and possibly be replaced. The day that we went to church and there was no air conditioning everyone was sweating including me. I was throwing a temper tantrum because I wanted to leave because I was so hot. It did not help that I was crying and my body temperature was increasing by the minute. The pastor knew that he was going to face some problems especially with younger children as when children get hot they can get tired and cranky.


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