Helping my parents outside and having to scrub air conditioning system device since lawn was on blades

I just graduated from school and I cannot wait until I start my current task.

I start my current task next week however I’m going to continue to live at home for the next few years with my parents.

This will allow me to save up some money and pay off my student loans quicker. Since I’m practically living at my parents apartment for free I try to do some things around the apartment for them. These things are: doing the laundry, dishes and I’ll periodically make brunch. This past weekend was actually hot and sunny outside. It was a perfect weekend to do some outdoor yard work. My parents asked for some help so I joined them in planting some current flowers. My fine friend and I also cleaned up our garden and started planting some of the vegetables that my pal and I like having. After that was done my dad took the riding lawn mower and mowed the lower yard. I took the push mower and mowed the upper yard around the flower beds. As I went around the corner I forgot about the air conditioning system unit. The lawn from the mower blew straight into the air conditioning system unit. This was not actually good. My dad came up with her lawn mower she told me that once I was finished mowing I would have to grab the hose and scrub off the air conditioning system unit. I asked him why and she told me that it’s crucial to keep the air conditioning system device scrub and free of anything near it. This is because there’s an increase of something that could go wrong and it also makes it less efficient. There was even lawn on the air conditioning system unit’s blades. I sprayed it with the hose and lawn was finally off the air conditioning system unit. .

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