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The first year was a blanket warranty.

When we bought our new HVAC system, we had a full replacement warranty for the first year only. For the next two years, we received a partial warranty. When I asked what the full replacement warranty covered, they said it was a blanket warranty that would even allow us to get a new HVAC system […]

We spent the weekend in a tree house.

One of my favorite vacations happened last fall. My husband and I were celebrating our thirtieth anniversary and wanted to spend it alone. I had been looking online for some place special for us to go. I found a treehouse that was only 50 miles away from our home. I heard about treehouse vacation spots, […]

We couldn't find the HVAC system in our cabin.

It took him over an hour before he finally realized what was going on My son was getting really excited about his birthday. He was turning 40, and we were all gathering together to go on a fishing trip. We chipped in to get an eight-bedroom home near Salmon Lake, and everyone was excited. No […]

We were planning for the Christmas holiday.

Although it was only July, we knew that if we were going to get a nice place for our family Christmas holiday, we would have to get it now. I was worried that we should have secured our cabin last year, instead of waiting until July. The only reason we waited was because my son […]