Inspecting HVAC system and seeing problems with heat exchanger

Warmer weather has finally arrived and I could not be any more happier. I have been waiting for warmer weather ever since winter has started. I’m not sure why I moved up to the Northeast but I moved up to be closer to my family. My parents only getting older and I would like to be near them and to help them out as well. Since the warmer weather has arrived I have been getting my home ready and de-winterizing it. We did not get a lot of snow this year but there were a few times where the temperatures were below freezing. When the weather starts to get nice out I like to open up my windows and put my screens in. I also like to call my HVAC technician to come over and check my HVAC system to make sure that it is good to go and ready to use for the summer. I always like to get this done because my air conditioning system has been inactive for many months. Well he came over he checked and saw that my heat exchanger was malfunctioning. I wasn’t sure what he meant but he said that I may have to replace the heat exchanger. Luckily I put some money aside in my savings for any emergency repairs to my home. This was an emergency repair for my HVAC system considering the fact that it was supposed to be 85 degrees the next day. I certainly did not want my family or my dog to have to suffer inside of her home due to a malfunctioned HVAC system.

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