Sisters birthday party as well as no air conditioner

For my sibling’s 16th birthday party she invited at least 10 people over to celebrate her large afternoon! At first she wasn’t going to have a party however I convinced her into doing one! In the morning it turned out to be a beautiful afternoon, then my buddy and I had a volleyball net set up, as well as all of the food outside on a table.

  • My buddy and I had about 30 minutes until all of her guests arrived.

In that time span my friend and I looked up at the sky as well as my friend and I saw entirely dark clouds coming over. I had a feeling it was going to get rained out so my friend and I decided to transfer everything in the property into the living room. My sibling was a little bummed about it however she understood that if my friend and I kept everything outside the rain would ruin it. My buddy and I made sure to turn our air conditioning up at least 5° cooler so her friends would be comfortable, but when everyone arrived as well as they started eating, the lights suddenly went out. Without lights no one could prefer the party, but not to mention there was going to be no air conditioning in our home. The look on my sibling’s face was such a large disappointment, then she felt embarrassed as well as I knew that I had to do something to turn the party around. Therefore I hooked up the generator, the power kicked on as well as so did the air conditioning unit. I did not feel she realized that my friend and I had a generator. When the lights came on she was immediately enthusiastic again. The air conditioning kicked on, everyone was back in party mode as well as the smiles on their faces lit up again.

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