What do you use when your HVAC breaks down?

A long time ago, I realized that having an alternative heating and air conditioning system is important.

  • The last time my wife and I had our air conditioning unit breakdown, we swore we would never need to go without heating or air conditioning again.

We ultimately ended up purchasing a new air conditioning unit, but it took us two weeks to get it. We talked about getting something other than the traditional central air conditioning. Our first thought was to get a ductless HVAC system. We realized that the cost was going to be prohibitive to get enough units for our three-story house. We would, however, be able to buy one ductless HVAC unit. We had a small sunroom room that was enclosed. If we put the ductless HVAC in the sunroom, we could open the doors and it would be able to cool or heat the main part of the downstairs and the downstairs master suite. We were not enjoying going without air conditioning. We had the ductless HVAC installed, and it worked well during those two weeks. When the air conditioning unit arrived, we turned off the ductless HVAC and decided that it would remain where it was. It was nice to know that happened where we were without heating or air conditioning, we would always have a backup unit. We don’t sweat the summer and winter seasons anymore. We know that we will still be safe and comfortable in our home. Everyone needs to think about having back up heating and air conditioning with an emergency.

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