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Need a good air purifier thanks to the neighbors

I often wonder if people have any consideration for other human beings. I actually believe that every one of us happens to be pack creatures by nature, as well as cooperation is extremely totally crucial to the survival of our species..… But then, why are our neighbors so inconsiderate of the health as well as […]

Bought air purifier because of neighbor’s garden

Sometimes I wonder if people have any consideration for other human beings whatsoever. I know that we are a pack animal by nature, and cooperation is extremely important to the survival of our species… But then, why are my neighbors so completely inconsiderate of the health and happiness of myself? When I first moved into […]

Getting a fluffy cat means more air filter changes

When the air filters are jammed not only is my indoor air being improperly filtered through the useless air quality devices.. You never actually know for certain how your life is going to change until it absolutely happens. It seems like my life goes through these major phases of rapid change often. From year to […]