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Security is moving to the internet

My Grandfather started a private security firm here in the city, of course back then it was hardly considered a “city” but has grown a lot since then, however we aren’t the sort of firm that hires bodyguards for you, we are more like security consultants that will get you set up with your own […]

I Couldn’t Wait to Get out of the Office

I also paid more attention to how nice the temperature control settings were in the building, and they were especially nice in the cafeteria area. I’ve never really known what’s going on in my job building. That was until I was recently stuck there during a blizzard.There were warnings about the weather, but I thought […]

Mom and Dad were Too Cold in my Place

My family thought I was addle-brained for moving up to the North. I have to admit, it wasn’t easy for me to get acclimated to the weather, but it has grown on me a bit. Something that I came to understand is that you legitimately have to make sure your heating method is always legitimately […]

Tired of sneezing all the time

I am so sick of sneezing. Right in the early morning I always sneeze a bunch of times. It is super annoying because that means I need to have tissues on hand to blow my nose. I know I will be all stuffed up for at least an hour. I usually begin my work day […]

I prepared to be locked down

At this point I am hoping that I can get service now that it has been a year later As soon as a threat is shown to my area, I immediately stock up on supplies. The moment it looks like there will be a hurricane, I am out buying water, granola bars and canned goods. […]

Thankful for air conditioner in hotel room

Last winter, I decided to take my family on vacation over the holidays. I chose a tropical location to get away from the snow and sub zero temperatures we’re accustomed to. I wanted to book accommodations as close to the ocean as possible. I knew my family would enjoy soaking up the sun, lying on […]

Beach restaurant is air conditioned

Every summer, I work as a waitress at a restaurant located right on the beach. Although it’s a seasonal job, I make really good money. The tips are absolutely fantastic. Both the restaurant and bar are extremely busy every night of the week. The venue includes an indoor and outdoor seating area. That setup creates […]