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One more reason to not have a pet.

I have never been someone who wanted a pet. Animals are a big responsibility and I am not one who wants to take on that responsibility. I love my freedom and being able to come and go without worrying about another living thing. I can’t take a pet everywhere I go. I have to either […]

I told him I didn’t need his help.

My ex-boyfriend was beginning to get a bit too possessive for my liking, and that was why he was now my ex. It wouldn’t have been too bad if he was just possessive about me, but he was also becoming possessive of my HVAC system. His being an HVAC technician, meant that he took on […]

Mold caused him to get manic.

I love my husband and I knew he had a streak of mania long before I married him. When something happens that could become traumatic, his mania sets in. He doesn’t wait for the traumatic occurrence to happen, he just reacts. More often than not his mania causes us a lot of money and upset. […]

Holidays are depressing.

I have always been the person who Bah-humbug the holidays. To me the holidays are nothing but a pain in the butt. They come in the season when there is very little daylight, whis is depressing to me. I don’t know why anyone can say they enjoy going without daylight, and spending too much money. […]

My HVAC system is loving my baking.

Being an amateur baker, I love watching all of the baking shows on television. Although I don’t have the recipes in front of me that they appear to be reading, I still do a decent job of replicating what they create. My favorite show is the Great British Baking Show. I especially love watching it […]

Maybe I need a rich husband.

I know it isn’t really something I would do, having a Sugar Daddy, but it sure would be a great way to put some fun into my life I truly enjoy going to work every day and being able to make my own money. It is very empowering to come home, knowing that I am […]

She always needs to be one better.

I hate how my sister behaves. No matter who she talks to, she is always better than they are. I know that sounds weird. The other day she butted into a conversation a woman was having with another woman. She was talking about her upcoming wedding and how beautiful it was going to be. She […]

Not even the allergy medicines were helping.

Since I was a child, I suffered from bad allergies. I tried every over-the-counter medicine I could find. I found an herbalist to help me and I even tried hypnosis. Nothing was working. I went to three different allergists, but they couldn’t give me any prescriptions that I hadn’t already tried or I wasn’t currently […]