One more reason to not have a pet.

I have never been someone who wanted a pet.

Animals are a big responsibility and I am not one who wants to take on that responsibility.

I love my freedom and being able to come and go without worrying about another living thing. I can’t take a pet everywhere I go. I have to either hire someone to pet sit while I am away on work, or take the pet to a shelter. I do not want the hassle of an animal. My friends can’t understand this and they seem to think I’m lonely. I’m not lonely and I’m not afraid to live alone, but that didn’t stop my friends. My best friend showed up last year at Christmas, and delivered a gift from all of them. They had rescued this Siberian Husky from the shelter. He was about to be euthanized and he seemed to be a lovely animal, so they adopted him. Okay, she was spayed and well-groomed. She also had all of her shots, and she was lovable, but I couldn’t take care of her. To top it all off, the dog is not made to be owned by someone who needs to have a thermostat set on seventy-five. I ache all over if the thermostat isn’t that high. I have a new furnace and I use it. My dog can’t handle having the thermostat that high. With the thermostat on seventy-five, she is wilting. She is meant to be living in a cold weather area, and not in the home of someone who wants summer all the time. I have a cold patio, and I’m thinking I’ll have to put a dog house out there so she is comfortable.

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I told him I didn’t need his help.

My ex-boyfriend was beginning to get a bit too possessive for my liking, and that was why he was now my ex.

It wouldn’t have been too bad if he was just possessive about me, but he was also becoming possessive of my HVAC system.

His being an HVAC technician, meant that he took on the job of doing all of the work that was needed on my HVAC system. He would come to the house and do the cleaning and maintenance without me even asking him to. If he thought he heard something odd when he was visiting, he would be bringing in his tools and checking out either the furnace or air conditioner; whichever was working at the time. I appreciated all the work he had done, but when I decided to break up with him, he went crazy. He told me that no one else was allowed to work on my HVAC system. He was so upset that he would no longer have rule over the HVAC that he went so far as to tell me that if anyone else touched it, he would make sure I had to have it replaced. This really bothered me and I called the police. They told me that unless it was an actual threat to my personal being, there wasn’t much they could do. Two weeks later, I was standing in my kitchen drinking a cup of coffee. I couldn’t sleep, so I stood there looking out the window without the lights on. I swore I saw someone walking around my house, I called the police and told them there was a prowler outside. My ex-boyfriend was in the process of disassembling my air conditioning unit when they got there.


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Mold caused him to get manic.

I love my husband and I knew he had a streak of mania long before I married him.

When something happens that could become traumatic, his mania sets in.

He doesn’t wait for the traumatic occurrence to happen, he just reacts. More often than not his mania causes us a lot of money and upset. He is driving me nuts right now, but I try to understand how is feeling. Regardless of how understanding I try to be, I went bonkers the other week. I knew about the mold in the bathroom. With all of the heat and humidity, I had already told him we should have the greenboard installed. Greenboard is a moisture resistant type of wallboard that is made to keep the moisture from getting into the wall. This helps to prevent mold from forming. We hadn’t had the greenboard installed yet, and my husband discovered mold on the walls of the bathroom. Not only did he pull out all of the walls in the bathroom, but he went through the entire house pulling out walls. He had already called the HvAC company before I got home, and they were in the process of tearing out the old ductwork and installing new ductwork. He had them cleaning the furnace and the air conditioning unit. There were orders for new air ducts and new air vent covers, along with a dehumidifier put into the house. One small patch of mold cost us thousands of dollars that we really couldn’t afford at that time. Mania or no mania, I lit into him when the HVAC technician left for the day. In his defense, they did find mold in other parts of the house, which meant we also need mold remediation done.

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Holidays are depressing.

I have always been the person who Bah-humbug the holidays.

To me the holidays are nothing but a pain in the butt. They come in the season when there is very little daylight, whis is depressing to me. I don’t know why anyone can say they enjoy going without daylight, and spending too much money. Not only do I have to put up with all of the partying and the lack of daylight, but I am still under the thumb of my family. We have family get-togethers every year, where we go to visit the grandparents and other family members. Going to my aunts and uncles is bad enough. Going to my grandparents is horrible. My grandmother is one of those people who turns her thermostat up to eighty and still has a sweater on. If you suffer from depression and anxieties, you know that too much heat can affect you. When the thermostat is set too high, you can feel your heart beginning to race and you feel like the air suffocating you. I spent a lot of time outside in the cold so I could get out of the heat of the house. After putting up with the high setting on the thermostat, my grandfather turned around and lit the fireplace. The smoke and heat of the fireplace was enough to have me in tears. I just wanted to go out and sit in the car until mom and dad were ready to go home. I knew I couldn’t do that, so I smiled and slipped away when the heat and cloying smell of the fireplace began to get to me.


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My HVAC system is loving my baking.

Being an amateur baker, I love watching all of the baking shows on television.

Although I don’t have the recipes in front of me that they appear to be reading, I still do a decent job of replicating what they create.

My favorite show is the Great British Baking Show. I especially love watching it when they do their holiday edition. I hang out around the television so that I can get as many ideas as possible and have something different for my own holidays. My wife doesn’t like it when I begin to bake. She says that it is no wonder she has gained almost fifty pounds, when there are only the two of us to eat it all. The one thing she does like about my baking, is that I only bake during the winter. Being a construction worker, I don’t have a lot of work to do in the winter, so I spend my time baking. This year, we noticed that while I am baking, I put some heat in the air from the oven. Our furnace isn’t turning on nearly as much, and we are saving money on the energy bills. Our heating costs have gone down by almost twenty percent since I have been baking all the time. That says a lot. I know I should slow down on all the baking I do, but it is cathartic and it keeps me busy. As long as I am helping out with the use of our furnace and heating bills, I will continue to bake. I’m beginning to share a lot of my confections with the neighbors, which makes my wife happy.
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I can’t get my programmable thermostat to stay programmed.

I had a programmable thermostat that suddenly got Alzheimer’s.

I was so upset about my thermostat.

I would set the temperatures for throughout the day, but it didn’t stay where I set it. I would come home from work and it would still be cold in the winter, or hot in the summer. The programmable was forgetting my program. I talked to the HVAC company and they suggested I try a Smart Thermostat. The Smart Thermostat, was a small computerized thermostat that was supposed to be able to adjust to your habits of how you set the thermostat. I was told it would also be able to work with your smartphone or your laptop. I loved that I was going to be able to check the temperature in my home with my phone, and change the temperature right before I left work. I had the Smart Thermostat for about six weeks when I realized there was something wrong with my Smart Thermostat. I didn’t think it was as smart as it was supposed to be. I couldn’t figure out how to program my thermostat. There were no directions and the HVAC technician who installed the thermostat didn’t give me any instructions. He did help me install the program on my phone. He told me to play with the different aspects of the program. I would be able to get a lot of different information and learn how many things I can do with the thermostat. My thermostat still doesn’t keep any of the programs I have set and I’m wondering if it’s computer memory has Alzheimer’s.

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I thought a vacation was supposed to be relaxing.

I look forward to my vacation every year.

I don’t always look forward to coming home. This year was totally different. I couldn’t wait for my vacation to be over so I could come home. I knew I was going to get the same question when I went back to work. How was your vacation? Normally I fielded those people, even when I had a great vacation. Did they really believe you when you said you didn’t want to come back? When I said that I meant it. Why would anyone want to give up never needing to cook for yourself. Someone was there to clean your room and change your sheets every morning. Then you come home to all of the work at the house. You also need to go back to work. This year I really was ready to come home and go back to work. I had the vacation from Hell. It all started out when I got to the airport. The airport had the air conditioning so high that I wished I had some kind of jacket to wear. The air quality in the airplane was horrible. I felt like I should be holding my nose half the time. When I finally got to my hotel, I couldn’t figure out how to regulate the HVAC system. As soon as I got into the room, I set the thermostat to seventy. The temperature was comfortable for a while, but halfway through the night, it got so cold I couldn’t get warm. I couldn’t believe how bad the HVAC system was. By the time the week was over, I was ready to leave and come home.

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Maybe I need a rich husband.

I know it isn’t really something I would do, having a Sugar Daddy, but it sure would be a great way to put some fun into my life

I truly enjoy going to work every day and being able to make my own money. It is very empowering to come home, knowing that I am paying for the home. Sometimes, however even I, Miss Independence, thinks it would be nice to have someone around to shoulder some of the responsibility. I have given up a lot to be an independent woman who owns her home. It doesn’t matter how much I work, somehow I never have enough money. The bills are paid and the maintenance is done, but I am working for the house. I buy a few groceries, but I’m unable to do anything else. My friend told me that maybe I needed a Sugar Daddy to help me out with all of this. I knew she was joking, but I was wondering if it was a viable option. I began thinking about how nice it would be to have someone paying for the HVAC maintenance and repairs. I think it would be great if I had someone to foot the bills when I had to have a new air filter so I could change them. If he would just put out some money in case the air conditioning unit quit working again, or when the furnace finally needed to be replaced. I know it isn’t really something I would do, having a Sugar Daddy, but it sure would be a great way to put some fun into my life. I would then be able to get out with my friends or get some take-out once in a while. A Sugar Daddy or a rich husband would really change my life.


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She always needs to be one better.

I hate how my sister behaves. No matter who she talks to, she is always better than they are. I know that sounds weird. The other day she butted into a conversation a woman was having with another woman. She was talking about her upcoming wedding and how beautiful it was going to be. She said how her dress was going to be dazzling and my sister began talking about her wedding dress. She made it sound like no one could ever have a dress that was as spectacular as hers. When my HVAC system started going downhill, I knew it was time to do something. My energy bills were going up, and I was hearing odd noises. The HVAC company had already told me that my entire HVAC system needed to be replaced. They even told me the ductwork should be replaced. I started to laugh, wondering how my sister was going to top this one. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when she tried. I spent a lot of money to have my HVAC replaced. They even included a whole-home air purifications system, and a humidifier for the furnace. I knew that my purchase was well worth the money. When my sister found out about my new HVAC system, she told me she also had a new HVAC system. She told me about the excellent air quality she now had. She also told me about the price she had to pay, which was definitely more than what I could afford. I wonder if it really makes her feel better to be doing things like this.



Not even the allergy medicines were helping.

Since I was a child, I suffered from bad allergies.

I tried every over-the-counter medicine I could find.

I found an herbalist to help me and I even tried hypnosis. Nothing was working. I went to three different allergists, but they couldn’t give me any prescriptions that I hadn’t already tried or I wasn’t currently using. I was telling every one of them how bad I was feeling. I told them how I was wheezing all the time and I found it hard to breathe. Walking up steps was becoming a chore because of how bad my breathing had become. What was odd was that I was feeling even worse in my own home. I was about to give up when one of the allergists told me I should be using an air purifier. I looked at him and asked him what he meant. He said that a whole home air purifier would do wonders for me. If I couldn’t afford a whole home air purifier, I would benefit from a portable air purifier. I called the HVAC company to ask about their air purifiers. I was willing to take on another payment if I had to. The HVAC technician showed up to tell me if I could put an air purification system into my HVAC system. I was surprised at how simple it was going to be to use. As long as my HVAC system was running, so was my air purifier. I had special air filters and a UV system that would kill what the HEPA air filter couldn’t. I was finally going to feel so much better.


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