The worst luck with air conditioners

The air conditioner that I bought last weekend just broke.

I hate that I have to return the air conditioner and I hope that they will supply me my money back.

It has been a long journey just trying to find an air conditioner in the first locale. I tried ordering an air conditioner from the internet, however that unit never ended up shipping because of all of the pandemic. It was absurd that they never even shipped the air conditioner in the first place, although I got over that. I then decided to go ahead as well as purchase an air conditioner from the local hardware store in town. That didn’t work out either because all of their air conditioners were sold out. I thought for certain that I would be able to discover an air conditioner a couple weeks later when they restocked. Unfortunately, the air conditioners that were delivered literally sold out within just a few minutes. I was working, so I couldn’t get away for a few minutes, and there were literally no air conditioners left by the time I got to the store. It was insane. I had to come up with a current plan, so I decided to travel to a different area, more than two hours south of me, just to buy an air conditioner. They had air conditioners, so I purchased one. It’s supposed to be a relatively nice air conditioner, however it just stopped laboring a few minutes ago. Now, I have to drive over two hours to return the air conditioner as well as hopefully get another air conditioner.


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