I might need a new unit

I dropped my only cooling system down the stairs.

  • I suppose it is absolutely insane, although I know that it is just our luck.

I moved apartments last week, as well as I decided to carry our cooling system into our new apartment first. I wanted to cool it down a bit before I started moving all of our other things in! Well, I was not used to having an apartment on the fifth floor, and my other apartment was on the first floor. I carried the cooling system up the first flight of stairs perfectly fine, however when I got to the minute flight of stars, I tripped as well as fell going up the stairs. I dropped the cooling system, as well as it fell down the stairs. I was feeling rather embarrassed, although I was more upset about our cooling system. It was our only cooling system, as well as I didn’t want it to break apart. I was praying that it was only cosmetic disfigure, so I carried the cooling system up to our new apartment as well as jammed it in. I thought that it would turn on because the light turned on when I pressed the power button, but it didn’t truly do anything, however the cooling system would not certainly work. It was a tough way to begin a moving morning, then now, I don’t have any a/c. I am going to have to invest in a new cooling system whether I love it or not because our new apartment is even warmer than our last 1, but heat rises, so I am guessing that is why our new apartment on the fifth floor is even warmer than our last place which was on the first floor.

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