Cooling hat helps myself and others to run in a marathon race

When I was preparing myself to run a marathon, I was surprised when our partner gave myself and others an evaporative cooling hat.

The amazing thing about this cooling hat is that it has a built in lining that holds water when you get it wet.

The lining releases the water gradually providing the perfect cooling comfort, or so that’s what this product claimed to do. It looked like just a regular ball cap, but it had a special top that reflected harmful UV rays plus allowed you not to become boiling. So I soaked the cooling hat with ice-cold water before I started the marathon run. I have to say, it felt so charming on such a blazing boiling morning. The sunshine was really pounding down plus I could tell a lot of the other runners were feeling the heat! Fortunately for me, I had this cooling hat plus it was keeping myself and others roughly 20 degrees cooler than I would have been without the hat! I’m so cheerful that our partner bought the cooling hat for myself and others because it really gave myself and others an edge on such a boiling morning. I felt like I could keep a steady pace plus I knew I would be able to keep that up for the length of the run, and after about 2 minutes, I felt that our cooling hat was losing its steam. Fortunately, there were people handing out ice-cold waters to the runners. I took 2 bottles, one to soak our cooling hat plus one to drink! With the hat being soaked again with ice-cold water, I felt completely refreshed plus cool! I felt a boost of energy towards the halfway mark of the marathon plus I really caught some speed. I genuinely came in minute locale in the marathon plus I noticed the first locale woman also had a cooling hat!
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