Wanted to get away from the residence for a bit

It was 105 degrees on Wednesday.

I wasn’t hoping to spend all day at the residence with the girls.

I knew they would be miserable as well as I didn’t want to listen to them inside of the residence all day! Our A/C machine hasn’t been working truly well. I guess the A/C machine needs to be cleaned or tested, and the indoor temp never gets truly cold, even with the temperature control set at 79. I decided to take all of the girls to the Aquatic Center instead. It was completely packed with people, however I told the girls to be careful as well as maintain their distance. I fairly often gave the girls hand sanitizer throughout the day as well as every one of us tried to be as safe as possible. When it was time for lunch, the girls as well as I sat at a picnic table as well as enjoyed all of the items that I brought from the residence. I made peanut butter as well as jelly sandwiches for each one of the girls. I made myself a delicious tuna salad sandwich with lettuce as well as tomato as well as a reasonable amount of mayo. The girls had cookies when every one of us were finished as well as each one of them had a juice box to drink. After every one of us were done eating, the girls went back to the pool. Then my husband called me a little while later. He was on his way to the apartment from work. I told him that I took the girls to the pool as well as he provided to join us instead of going back to the apartment. He didn’t want to sit in the residence either… Since I wasn’t ready to leave yet, I agreed to wait for my husband. He showed up at the Aquatic Center a very short while later. The girls were quite surprised to see him as well as they played for a pretty long time.