Uncomfortable no matter where I go

This is quite the time of year, am I right? There is so much family and friend time built into the summer.

The days are long and lovely.

The mood is slow and relaxed. The celebrations are filled with seasonal fruits, cold drinks, and fireworks. I love the summer sometimes. In my childhood, I hated the hot season. I didn’t understand the merit of slowing down and spending time together. I also didn’t see the appeal in sitting out in the sun until it was necessary to leap into a cool body of water. Maybe maturity is teaching me these new life lessons, or maybe I’m just slowing down in my old age. Either way, I am finally understanding why everyone says summer is their favorite season of the year. Except for one thing. There is no freaking place to be comfortable during this season. We all know how hot and sticky it can be outside. We often have temperatures around 100 degrees and 100% humidity. The air is often so thick it feels like you can swim in it. Clearly, being outdoors is risky business unless you’re built like a camel. That being said, the indoor air conditions really aren’t a big improvement. Instead of being dramatically hot and humid, the indoor environment is freezing cold and dry. Tell me how that’s any better. You pass from one hot, wet place into a staunchly cold and dry one all day long. For me, summer might be best spent in one air condition. Rather than passing back and forth between two foreign environments, I might be best off picking just one. If it’s miserably hot, so be it.


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