The whole crew will be wearing our new logo next week

I am absolutely excited about the new uniforms that were ordered for all of the employees, then they look even better than I thought they would! Recently we had a brand new website created for the HVAC maintenance corporation. The new website needed a new logo. The people I was with and I decided to make some major swings as well as the old uniform shirts do not match our new look or the new logo. The website is due to be launched next week as well as the whole crew will be wearing new shirts on Monday; I received the advertising as well as promotional material in the mail yupterday as well as the shirts arrived this morning. I’m going to pass out all of the shirts to the employees so they can wear them on Monday morning. I paid nearly $10,000 for all of the advertising updates, website improvements, as well as web design features. I plan to start recognizably advertising commercial HVAC maintenance services. That is 1 of the largest reasons why I decided to make so many swings; Commercial clients need to guess that we are a professional business with the means to supply them with the service that they desire. I absolutely couldn’t start advertising commercial HVAC services with my website still looking love junk. It was fine when I first started the business, however now I need something that will look more professional. The HVAC advertising business helped with the swings as well as they are also going to help us with online advertising. They’re going to set us up with spend my money per click advertising as well as they are setting up our website so we are totally optimized for the search engine.