The HVAC technician was having a heart attack.

Last week, the HVAC technician arrived right on time. He was cheerful and talked to us the entire time he was installing a new thermostat. He went downstairs to look at the furnace, and then we heard nothing from him. He was downstairs for almost an hour when my husband went down to check on him. The HVAC technician was sitting slumped over on the steps. My husband yelled up to call an ambulance. He thought the HVAC technician had a heart attack. It took half an hour for the ambulance to arrive, and we had the HVAC technician laying down with a blanket over him. His feet were elevated, and there was a small pillow under his head so he wasn’t laying on the concrete. The ambulance attendant told us he would take over, and they got the HVAC technician upstairs and onto a litter. He said the man had a heart attack, and he was taking him to the hospital. I called the HVAC company to tell them what had happened, and they thanked us for calling the ambulance. I guess some people wouldn’t have from how grateful they sounded. Two days later, I called the HvAC company to see if they knew how the HvAC technician was doing. They told us he was doing well, and he wanted to thank us for saving his life. I wanted to send him some flowers or maybe a card, but he was requesting there be no flowers. Two weeks went by, and we got a knock on the door. The HVAC technician was there with his wife. He wanted to thank us for saving his life.