So happy with the HVAC service plan

I tend to tune sales people out.

This is a sort of default reaction because I feel like somebody is always trying to sell me something.

And that gets on my nerves at times. Instead of trying to sell me a dessert I didn’t ask for, how about doing something about the thermostat setting in this restaurant? Or when I’ve spent months researching a purchase to then get some spiel from the sales person trying to upsell me gets beyond frustrating. That’s why I simply tune people out when I’m buying something or I just buy online to avoid the interaction altogether. But I sort of missed the boat for a few years when it came to the HVAC company. Each time I called to schedule the HVAC maintenance appointment, someone asked me about the HVAC service plan. Almost by habit, I would cut them off and end the call as quickly as I could. But when I actually stopped to listen, it wasn’t the sales pitch that I was expecting. In fact, I was stunned to find that the HVAC service plan had so much value. I went online to the HVAC company website to look up the details. Not only does the HVAC company take care of tracking, making and then sending a confirmation email for HVAC maintenance, there’s so much added value. Like if I do end up having to get an HVAC repair, I don’t pay the HVAC service charge. I’m only responsible for the parts to fix the problem. On top of that, I get special discounts on ductwork cleaning and other HVAC services. It’s really a great value that HVAC service plan.


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