Air filter was all I needed to change

It’s a wonder that I’ve gotten this far in life without a handbook.

But then again, I’ve never been all that good when it comes to following directions anyway.

But when it came to my health, I was particularly obstinate. That’s because I didn’t want to change my habits. I still wanted to sit all day inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office. And then I wanted to come home and sit some more inside the central air conditioning of my living room. Oh and I also wanted to reward myself for going to work with all my favorite food and drink at night. You can imagine what sort of shape I was in after nearly 20 years of this cycle. But then, I found that I didn’t want to do anything outside of the air conditioning of my home for reasons I didn’t like to admit. I hated the way I looked and I hated the fact that I was so out of shape that I was breathing hard doing practically anything. Something had to give and it was my doctor who really helped me out. I wasn’t going to do it on my own so I got a trainer who is also a nutritionist and just a great person. She has helped me enjoy getting out of the air conditioning and getting fit. It took a couple of years but I did it. And now, I like to do anything that helps my body. That’s why I changed to the sort of air filters I use for the HVAC equipment. I now use a HEPA filter in my house. This has vastly improved my indoor air quality by trapping and removing allergens and pollutants. And that has only improved my respiratory health as well as my immune response.

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Making room for residential HVAC

I’ve been a bachelor for a long time.

But I’m not one anymore.

At the ripe old age of 52, I’m getting married for the first time. I wasn’t so sure that I’d ever find a partner who could mesh with my life. Living out in the woods without central air conditioning and a fancy house wasn’t exactly appealing for most of the women I dated. So I figured that would be just the way it went. I’d date for a while or maybe not. But having a partner and a wife seemed like a long shot. But there comes with this change some compromise on my part. I don’t work inside a building with commercial HVAC and I make my living working from home. Like I said I live very simply on a big piece of property. My cabin has a big stove for heating in the Winter but other than that, there aren’t many amenities. My new wife was fine and even loved where I lived. But I needed to upgrade my home a bit for her comfort. That means that I had to make room in my life for residential HVAC. I think I went without heating and cooling more from a philosophical standpoint than a comfort standpoint. Yet, love has the ability to change anyone and so I called the HVAC professionals. They have installed a pair of ductless heat pumps in my house. And this will be the first Summer that I enjoy any sort of air conditioning. We are to be wed in a few weeks and it’s really nice now to be sharing my life and my home with the person I love. And I’m honestly sort of excited about the air conditioning as well.

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Getting accustomed to air conditioning again

It’s been a while since I last experienced air conditioning here in the Summer.

  • Well actually, it’s been a long while since I lived here at all.

I’ve been living abroad since just after finishing my Master’s degree. I joined a government department that kept me working outside of the States for the last 30 years. Now that I’m winding my career down, I’m back in my home region and working from the zone controlled HVAC of an office. This is a far cry from what I have experienced over all of these years. Mostly, I’ve been in very warm locations trying to help build stable economies and modernize developing countries. So the idea of walking into residential HVAC during that time was not on the radar. I never lived anywhere that had central air conditioning. I mean, there wasn’t even a window air conditioner or anything like that. I come from the south of this country and thought I knew a thing or two about heat and humidity. Well, I had no idea as there are far warmer places out there. That’s why I’m finding it so tough to get accustomed to all the air conditioning. I moved back this Winter and that was shock enough even though our region needs little in the way of heating. But now, the air conditioning seems to be on all the time and it’s only mid April. I still have all the windows open in the place I’m living. I’m hoping the heat pump is in good shape in this apartment. I have no idea since it hasn’t been on a single time yet. I’m wondering if being inside the commercial HVAC of the office will finally get me to turn on the air conditioning at home.
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Space heater goes home from the office

The day finally came when I packed up my two fans and the space heater in my cubicle.

I wasn’t sure that this day would ever come.

It’s not that I got fired or am taking another job elsewhere. The company I work for finally upgraded the commercial HVAC in our offices. This was such a point of contention for the last several years. So much so that I was even looking for other possibilities rather than face another Summer of ineffective air conditioning at work. You know, it’s not like standing in line at a store where the commercial HVAC isn’t so great. I hate that as well but it only takes minutes before I’m either in a new store or in my car with better air conditioning. Working all Summer in this region without good air conditioning is just brutal. We seem to get the worst of the Winter and the Summer. During the Winter, the old commercial HVAC was also just as ineffective when it came to heating. That’s why I had to bring in my own space heater and stash it under my desk inside my cubicle. Just as I was about to go for an interview for a lateral move to another company, the unthinkable happened. We got a memo that we would have to work remotely for a few days while the HVAC professionals replaced the commercial HVAC equipment. I came back to the office to find zone controlled HVAC and a thermostat right near my end of the office. I gave it a couple of days first but it was clear that this HVAC upgrade was the solution we had all been wanting. So my fans and space heater came home.


Going long term with HVAC equipment

When people ask me what it was like building the house we moved into early last Fall, I have to take a beat before answering.

It’s hard to put such a complex experience into words and articulate it accurately. The fact is, that while it took just about a year to build that home. It all started years ago inside the central air conditioning of our old house. My wife and I noted early on that we were a bit too selfish and a bit to into our respective careers for children. This was a tough decision but ultimately, it was the right one. So we lived in what was going to be our starter home for more than a decade. But we were also beginning to develop plans for the place we ended up building. Once we finalized those plans, we upgraded the heating and cooling equipment and got that house on the market. Our timing couldn’t have been better as we hit it just when the market went nuts. Once we sold that home, we rented a condo while our new place was in the process of being built. There were so many challenges in that process. But one thing that went totally to plan was the residential HVAC. Since we had decided to go with a geothermal heat pump over a traditional heat pump, we had to find just the right HVAC professional for that job. Perhaps that’s why this one component of the build went so well. Not only did we love the radiant floor heating this Winter, we’re excited to see just how much we’ll save on air conditioning this Summer. And we’re going to enjoy this geo heat pump and all those savings for more than 30 or 40 years.


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Grilling to save on air conditioning

I’m taking it up a notch this Summer when it comes to saving on HVAC costs. Where I live the HVAC conversation sure isn’t about the heating. In fact, our heat pump basically hibernates for the entire Winter. I suppose calling what we experience Winter is a bit of a misnomer. That is the season but, it’s far from the sort of weather traditionally considered Winter. For us, we might yank out the space heater through the Winter a few times in the morning or something. But when you’re talking HVAC in these parts, it’s all about the air conditioning. I always have been right on top of the cooling in our home. My dad was the same way inside the central air conditioning of the house I grew up in. First comes the air conditioning tune up to maximize the heat pump’s efficiency. Then, I prep the house to preserve a great seal to keep the air conditioning in. We pull the shades and I program the digital thermostat. Well this year, I’m going one more. I noticed that every time I cooked dinner last Summer, the heat pump kicked on. So instead of heating up the house with the stove of oven, I’m using the grill for cooking this Summer. It just makes so much sense to me. And really, it’s not that big a deal. It’s so hot around here in the Summer that we prefer mostly cold sides like salads and bean salads. That kind of stuff. So any protein that needs to be cooked can be done outside. This should help me hold down the cooling costs even more.

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Air filters have improved

Because out of all the new air filters on the market that have improved, HEPA brand air filters have done it best! They are the most long lasting of it all and they also have come down in price a little bit than what they used to be so buying them is a lot easier

I can not tell you how impressed I am with the air filters on the market today. I am not just talking air filters for central heating and air conditioning systems. But I am talking all types of air filters. It seems that they have made the air filters of all kinds much more durable and long lasting. Then when you add washable air filters into the mix of things it even shines more on how much air filters have improved. I use air filters in a lot of things. And when I do buy air filters for the central heating and air conditioning system as well as my vacuum and other things, I always buy the top of the line quality HEPA brand air filters. Because out of all the new air filters on the market that have improved, HEPA brand air filters have done it best! They are the most long lasting of it all and they also have come down in price a little bit than what they used to be so buying them is a lot easier. And as a matter of fact if you were to buy HEPA brand air filters in bulk from a warehouse supplier like I do, you can actually save a whole ton of money on both the purchase of the actual HEPA brand air filters themselves along with saving money in the long term from not having to buy new air filters for things as often as you would with other brand air filters. And that goes double for the HEPA brand air filters that are for your central heating and air conditioning system unit.

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Newer space heaters are pretty decent

I can not say enough good things about portable space heaters these days.

They are much better than the portable space heaters of yesterday.

There are a lot of improvements on the heating and air conditioning technology that makes portable space heaters today. I can not tell you what they are because I am not a heating and cooling technologist that makes these things nor the inventions that they come up with. But what I can tell you is that the portable space heaters of today have much more power than the portable space heaters of the old days. The portable space heaters now can heat an entire room almost instantly for one. Then also the portable space heaters today do not require air filters. There are no air filters what so ever in today’s portable space heating. The space heaters are encased and made out of heat resistant plastic which makes it much more portable than the older space heaters that were made with metal or steel. Then the size of today’s portable space heaters are that of a small blender! And to imagine all of the power that comes out of these portable space heaters today. It just totally wows me when i really think about how far we have come with heating and air conditioning technology. Not only with portable heating and air conditioning equipment but with all kinds of heating and air conditioning related products on the market today. Simply amazing if you ask me. I am highly impressed with it all.

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Last spring, the A/C tore up when the weather started heating up

Last spring, the A/C tore up on us when the weather started heating up.

I don’t usually care all that much about using the air conditioning that early in the year, but last year it was a little bit different for me.

I was pregnant and so I got hot really easily. The whole winter that year, I was super hot and so I wouldn’t even let my husband turn the heating system on in the house, even though everyone else in the family was freezing. They all got mad at me because I refused to let them turn the temperature up on the thermostat, but I didn’t care. I honestly really only cared about myself at that point. I don’t know if I’m the only person who is super selfish when I’m pregnant, but I have the feeling that other women get the same way sometimes! I was just so hot and uncomfortable that I wanted relief from it, no matter who else had to suffer from it. It was the same way in the spring whenever the weather started heating up outside, too. I wasn’t about to feel all hot and sweaty inside of the house when I had a perfectly good air conditioning system that I could turn on so that I could get relief. However, the problem ended up being the fact that it wasn’t a perfectly good air conditioning system after all! It was broken! My husband said it was fine because we had weeks until it would be warm enough outside to need the air conditioning. When he said that, I just looked at him with a look that said otherwise. He picked up the phone and called the HVAC company right then!

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Up until now, they have never cleaned the ductwork

Up until now, they have never cleaned the ductwork in our office before. I don’t know why they let it go for so long, but I guess they just don’t care all that much about the indoor air quality in the building. I mean, I think that if I were in charge of over 200 people because they work in a building that I own, I would try and take some responsibility for their health and well being. Apparently, not everyone out there in the world takes personal responsibility as seriously as I do, though. The owners of our building never do anything to make sure that the indoor air quality in the building is up to speed. I just don’t think that they really care about us much at all, and that makes me sad. I feel like they should at least look at us as other human beings. We should all be able to breathe high quality indoor air during the day whenever we are at all. I personally feel like they should professionally clean the ventilation system at least once a year to keep everything nice and clean and allergen free. Of course, no one really cares what I think because I am just a lowly underling there in the office where I work. I think that when they cleaned the ductwork, it was the first time that they had ever done anything like that for the people in the building. I’m still not really sure why they did it, either. Maybe someone threatened them or something!

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