No idea how people work outside in summer

As I pile into my minivan and drive towards work everyday, I swear at the sun gods and ask how it can be so ungodly hot and humid.

I basically wave my fist in the air and curse the sun as it beats down on me.

For those twenty seconds that I’m walking in between the front door and the car, I feel like I’m in hell. When I get into the car, it’s just as ungodly hot, except in a much more physically permanent way. The seat buckle is branded into my body as the hot metal makes contact through layers of clothing or straight on my bare skin. The car seat burns my legs and I squirm to get my butt off the skillet. I crank the Ac and wait impatiently as the cool air begins to slowly flow towards me. It feels like a whisper at first, but eventually starts blowing against my sweaty chest just in time to give me severe dry coughing fits. Great, I think to myself, AC is ruining my life and so is the sun. When I get to work, everything is just as bad. The AC in our office is cranked up high, and I shiver all day long. I hate the amount of cold air they pump into our tiny cement computer room. I can’t stand how my fingers and toes go numb and my clothing gets stiff with dried sweat. On my way home at the end of the day, I see dozens of construction workers standing in the mid afternoon sun. That’s when it hits me – these people have been working in the sun all day long. While I bitch and complain about the sunshine and AC levels, they’ve been sweating in 100 degree heat. Maybe it’s time I get away from the modern world for a minute.


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