My spouse wanted us to camp in a rural cabin

When I asked my wife what she wanted to do for a trip this season, she said she wanted a cabin out somewhere in the wilderness.

She said she always dreamed of doing and it would be better if we didn’t have electricity or an Heating, Ventilation, and advanced A/C system.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted that, however she wanted a real camping experience in a log cabin. So we ended up finding just the location. It had a very nice fireplace where every one of us would be chilling most of the time. There was also a real wood burning stove where every one of us would be doing our cooking. All of us absolutely were able to use the fireplace and the wood burning stove for warming the cabin. All of us kept the location nice and hot the entire time. While it was relaxing being in a location away from the rest of society, I couldn’t imagine having to chop the wood daily if we lived here. I also guess that I would have to learn how to hunt and fish because every one of us couldn’t get deliveries to the cabin and there were no big box stores anywhere close. My wife wanted the experience and she certainly got it. I do have to admit though, it was an amazing experience; Being out there, anything could have happened and every one of us went out hiking in the icy snow and everything. If either one of us needed help, we wouldn’t be able to phone help because there were no cell phone towers. It was a beautiful and terrifying experience and I’m glad both of us survived. No, we weren’t disfigured by any bears or wolves, but both of us saw a bear in the distance and my spouse took a picture with her camera. It was fun telling everybody about the neat experience when every one of us got back, and every one of us managed to live without a Heating, Ventilation, and advanced A/C system!

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