My daughter convinced me to invest in a Smart thermostat

I live in a 3-bedroom house alone and I am loving it. My daughter finally moved out last month after she decided to move back home after college. I thought that once she went away to school that she would be out of the house for good. But she decided that she wanted to come back home and so she was living here for about 3 years before she finally moved out. I must admit that I do miss having her around the house. On Fridays, we used to have movie nights, where we ate popcorn and drank red wine, until we fell asleep on the sofa. I will miss those small moments, but I am glad that I have my house to myself. Anyway, while my daughter was staying here, she convinced me to get a Smart thermostat, and now that I am alone, I am glad that she did. With the Smart thermostat, I can control what sections in my house need to be heated or cooled. This has come in handy because there are times during the day when I don’t go upstairs, so that area of the house was completely empty. And when my daughter was here, she spent a lot of time in her room, and she realized that there was no need for the A/C or the heat to be running in the other rooms, while they were empty. I am not the most knowledgeable when it comes to technology, but I highly recommend getting a Smart thermostat if you’re someone who lives alone in a multi-level or larger house. It will certainly be of benefit to you.


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