Moving during worst part of the year

I know, I know, some of this is my fault.

I could have pushed for a better solution.

But at the time, it just didn’t seem like there was another way to do things. I was getting out of a dangerous situation, and I thought I needed to take things slowly rather than agitate the situation. See, about two months ago I fled from an abusive relationship in a flurry of activity. I woke up one morning and things were scary. I packed a bag and I left. I haven’t been back to the house since – namely, because I was threatened with police action if I attempted to regain my personal belongings. Now, the time has come. I finally get to reclaim all my stuff. The only problem is, the moving date is in the middle of August. For those of you who don’t live in the deep south, the weather is freaking miserable at that time of year. The summer heat and humidity is formidable and dangerous, to be totally honest. If you don’t have access to AC at all times, there is a chance of heat exhaustion or worse. I certainly have all this in mind as I’m gearing up for a weekend of moving my heaviest belongings in the heat and humidity. I have some helpers coming, which should be a big help. However, all of my moving buddies are from the northern midwest, where the weather never gets as hot and miserable as it is here. I sure hope we all survive the big move next month. Worst case scenario, I guess I kiss my personal belongings goodbye and move on with my hot new life.


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