I know they go fast around here

Just a month ago I found out that a brand new heating plus cooling business had opened in my area… As gleeful as that makes me at first glance, I knew it wasn’t going to last… Unluckyly I have noticed a pattern in my difficult area… There have been close to 5 heating plus air conditioner contractors that have recently opened, plus all of them have closed, but i think it’s because I live basically in the middle of the country, plus so they really don’t get much business to stay open, then regardless, I have not properly had my oil furnace or a/c worked on in a long time, really at least 5 years, so I am going to try to supply this Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C business as much of my business as possible to help keep them afloat.

The heating plus cooling business also has a dedicated website, plus I system on using their website to buy strange Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C technology for the house.

I’m honestly hoping that this business will make it through, however going off of my own personal history, really not. That is the 1 bad thing about living practically in the middle of absolutely nowhere, you generally have to drive to strange companies to acquire service, and most contractors that open nearby don’t last long. Although 1 of my favorite things of note about living here is the fact that I own 11 acres of property, with this much land, I easily have been able to convert a portion into my own garden, plus still have plenty of room for the native wildlife to take over my yard, however so even though living here has it’s benefits, it also has its HVAC downfalls.

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