Adding central air conditioning is worth it

Adding central air conditioning to my home was one of the best improvements I’ve made.

When my wife and I initially purchased the property, there was already a furnace installed.

There was no option for cooling other than window air conditioners and box fans. Although the summer weather doesn’t last all that long in our local area, we can expect temperatures in the upper eighties and high humidity. We weren’t satisfied with the comfort provided by portable cooling units. Plus, my wife hated the appearance of the window air conditioners. I wasn’t thrilled with hauling them down from the attic in the spring and back up in the fall. I finally decided to make the investment into central air conditioning, and I’ve never regretted it. With the ductwork already in place, the cost wasn’t prohibitive and the installation process wasn’t overly invasive. Having a central air conditioner has increased the resale value of the home. I am just happy that we can now adjust the thermostat and enjoy a perfectly cool living space. Every room is comfortable. The cooling system also helps to circulate the air and keep it smelling fresh. It filters out contaminants for a healthier and cleaner home. It’s also quite effective at combating excess humidity. Although I notice a higher electric bill in the summer, the air conditioner is energy efficient and keeps the cost reasonable. The operation is quiet and the system requires nothing more than monthly filter changes and yearly service by an HVAC contractor. Because of the air conditioner, my family sleeps better at night and has more energy during the day.

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