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The hotel has a thermostat right in the room

I have traveled quite frequently for work. I am on the road most of the time. In fact, I haven’t been home in almost six months. I don’t have a wife or children or any strong family ties, so I don’t mind all of the traveling. I love visiting new places and meeting new people. […]

HEPA air filters are the best

HEPA air filters are a great way to get rid of germs, smoke, mold, and dust. Air filters help to remove all of the odors, pet dander, and germs from our homes and apartments. HEPA filters are most frequently used in conjunction with an indoor air purifier. As the air moves through the air purifier, […]

My back is aching badly

Three weeks ago, I was in a terrible car accident. I was sitting at a traffic light, when another driver ran the red light and slammed right into my vehicle. I had to go to the emergency room in the back of an ambulance. I had a huge contusion on my arm, leg, and head. […]

The AC repair guy was fully dressed in protective gear

Some people are really taking the coronavirus seriously. Many businesses have closed and other businesses are having shorter hours so they can provide a thorough cleaning at the end of the day. I think everyone should be taking the coronavirus seriously. I have seen a ton of people in the grocery store without gloves, masks, […]

The office is too warm to work

I have been an accountant for a decade. I graduated from college with my MBA. I found a position working for a bill collection company. The job and the pay was decent, but the benefits were non-existent. When I got pregnant with my first kid, I switched jobs. I needed something with health insurance for […]

I missed our scheduled appt

Every year during the Spring and fall, I make sure to have a maintenance tune-up performed on my HVAC equipment. A regular maintenance tune up can increase the longevity of your machine. Proper cleaning and maintenance can also help the machine to work more effectively and for longer. It’s a proven fact that machines last […]

The hotel has hot water but no heat

I don’t remember seeing Mickey Mouse, Goofy, or Daffy Duck, but I remember that hotel room and the cold indoor air When I was six, my parents took us on a trip to the Magic Kingdom. My sister was 9 and she has a lot more memories of the vacation than I do. Only one […]

Cleaning all of the air vents and covers

Things around the world are really crazy right now. Everyone is worried about getting the covid-19 virus. My family and I are very worried. I have terrible asthma and most of us have allergies as well. If we get sick, we are going to have a lot of problems breathing. I heard that is the […]

Figuring out storage

I dislike it when you find you have a back stock of things and then need to store them. I have an issue with storage space in our garage, so I had been thinking about renting storage space, but oh, and if you are wondering what this is all for, it’s for a bunch of […]

I didn’t think it was going to be this hard

Working in the heating and A/C corporation for so several years you would think I had experienced everything, however well, that was totally wrong! The other month I had to instal a hot water boiler in someone’s home with our other Heating, Ventilation, and A/C worker partners, believe it or not, in all our years […]