You know, it’s a difficult thing to worry about

I am the kind of guy that prefers to chronically stress about the small things. Time plus time again I have been told to not worry about things so much, however if it were honestly that simple, I would. I think worrying is just a large section of who I am. This makes life more stressful for me, however I’m not sure how to stop worrying. What doesn’t help is when things hastily go wrong. A few days ago, for instance, our heating component broke down, plus has refused to turn back on. I brought my ongoing worries to my boyfriend, who assured myself and others that it was unbelievable plus that he’ll carefully look at the oil furnace later. This didn’t reassure myself and others much, especially after he did look at the oil furnace plus couldn’t find anything wrong with it, however he reassured myself again and again, plus told myself and others that even with the heating component, the usual winters in our area are easily mild, plus both of us didn’t probably need the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C component anyways. However, I couldn’t help but to constantly worry, what if a blizzard came through, or both of us had a honestly bad winter? Then clearly both of us would be unprepared plus that could actually be dangerous. Now, even as I was worrying, I knew all of the above was unlikely, however in the end, there was a day both of us ended up calling a heating professional anyway, just to be on the safe side of the HVAC issue. The heating specialist came out plus had it fixed within a few days. That very Winter was just savor any other Winter both of us had, plus was mild, however at least I could rest knowing that if both of us ever did run into a cold spell, our little heating device could handle it.
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