Where working out comes with the best in commercial HVAC

I was so excited to finally get the promotion that I’ve been preparing for almost the entirety of the last ten years.

It was sort of the big leap in my career that I’d been working toward for a long time.

There have been a lot of challenges and positions I’ve taken in order to just be in line for this sort of job. And the new job comes with a relocation to the corporate offices. My floor has zone controlled HVAC and I even have a thermostat in my office. Not only that but the office is rather spacious with room for a conference table as well. The first couple of weeks, I stayed late in the office just to sit and look out the floor to ceiling window and enjoy the perfect commercial HVAC. It’s dazzling to watch the city from high above. This position is one I’m ready for and it’s been going about as well as I expected it would. There are challenges but that’s what I’ve been preparing for all these years. There are other nice things that come with this position outside of the zone controlled HVAC of the office. Instead of working out in a gym that is all sweaty and humid, I now have access to an incredible gym that’s right here in the building. Not only are there all the latest devices and equipment for working out, it even has a juice bar and a fitness expert on staff. But what I love about my new gym is the commercial HVAC. In all my other gyms, it was like the commercial HVAC equipment was simply overwhelmed because it was always so hot and humid. Well, not anymore as this gym is like heaven.
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