We have a huge cabin theater

Something that has always been popular at our cabin is movie evening.

We decided to build an awesome movie theatre in our rec room.

All of us have a customizable zoned Heating, Ventilation, and advanced A/C so every one of us gets personal temperature control settings down there. The Heating, Ventilation, and advanced A/C plan also has rapid warming and cooling, so every one of us are able to really blast the heating when we watch a movie, or supply the perfect amount of heating in the later seasons. We have a huge movie screen and a quality projector system with 4K picture quality. We’re thinking about eventually upgrading to the newer 8K projectors, but those are really pricey. Anyways, everybody loves to come over and they always bring drinks and snacks during our movie get togethers. I believe that a lot of people care about celebrating with expensive dinners , but movies have really been our thing. I think it provides an excellent bonding event too because every one of us love to have snacks and drinks while talking about the movies we have watched afterwards. Occasionally we get into some pretty crazy and deep conversations, especially when every one of us watch some of the horror films. While every one of us all care about movies from every time-period, I think everybody prefers pictures like the Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit, and everybody consistently requests those movies the most and I can’t really blame them because they are excellent. There are movies out there that are so wonderful that it seems like you can never tire of watching them, especially in a luxurious cabin theatre such as ours! All of us have a nice evening too that is arguably better than the traditional movie going experience.

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