Wasn’t trying to spend too much time at home

It was 105 degrees on Wednesday! I did not have the desire to spend all day at the household with the kids.

I knew they would be angry plus I did not want to listen to them inside of the house all day, however our AC device hasn’t been working really well.

I guess the AC needs to be cleaned or took care of, but the indoor temp never gets especially cold, even with the control component set at 70. I decided to take all of the kids to the Aquatic Center instead. It was packed with people, although I told the little ones to be careful plus maintain their distance. I frequently gave the kids hand sanitizer throughout the day plus we tried to be as safe as possible. When it was time for lunch, the kids plus I sat at a picnic table plus appreciated all of the items that I brought from the household. I made peanut butter plus jelly sandwiches for each one of the kids. I made myself a tuna salad sandwich with lettuce plus pickle plus additional mayo. The kids had cookies when the group of us were done plus each one of them had a juice box. After the group of us were done eating, the little ones went back to the pool. My spouse called me approximately an hour or so later, however she was on her way to the condo from work. I told her that I took the kids to the pool plus she provided to join us instead of going home. She did not want to sit in the household either! Since I wasn’t ready to leave yet, I agreed to wait for my spouse. She showed up at the Aquatic Center roughly an hour later. The kids were genuinely shocked to see her plus they played for hours.