The person who called decided to cancel their HVAC appointment

Early Sunday morning, I gained a phone call from a customer.

The client was having a hard time with her A/C machine and she wanted to schedule an appointment for us to help! I was more than happy to help the woman by scheduling an appointment with one of our expert Heating as well as Air Conditioning repair professionals.

I told the client that every one of us would be able to help her out around dinner time. I had a professional available at 11 am. The woman sounded perfectly happy with the time frame that I gave her. I sent our HVAC expert out to work on all of their tasks. The first woman to finish with their work was Betty, and she had a tune up early that day. I told Betty to head over to the address for the client that called earlier that day. I contacted the client to let her be aware that a repair professional was on the way. The woman called me back a moment later to cancel the appointment. I asked the woman if she found someone else, despite the fact that she wasn’t willing to provide me any information. They simply canceled the repair with no actual explanation. I called Betty on the phone, despite the fact that she did not bother to answer. She didn’t find out that the task was canceled until she got to the address and spoke with the customer personally. I sent Betty to another task, and later that afternoon, the same woman called once more. She wanted me to send a repair professional again. This time I told the woman that I would not be able to send someone out unless she was certain that she wanted us to repair the complication. The woman was 25 miles outside of our area and I didn’t want to send another repair professional out there for no reason in the least.


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