The heat caused a whole hubbub

It is funny how a family that is easily similar in so many habits, could be completely strange in taste.

When it comes to music, my Mom prefers old school country, my brother prefers rock, my sibling prefers metal plus I savor pop.

When it comes to amusement park rides, though, my Mom prefers rollercoasters plus so does my sibling. My sister prefers small kiddie rides plus I savor rides that involve flying or an unbelievable view of the park. Another 1 of our major differences is temperature. My dear old Mom prefers heated rooms, my brother prefers cooled rooms, my sibling prefers warm rooms plus I savor cold rooms. Unlike all of the other concerns, the heating plus air conditioner actually has an impact on our entire relationship, because both of us all want control over the dial thermostat. My sibling was the main human who would complain about the heat, plus try to change the temperature whenever it was too hot. Because of that, my mom had a smart thermostat installed, plus programmed it several times to where the temperature could only be changed through his iphone. That didn’t ever once stop my sibling from complaining, so eventually, our parents agreed to update our central air conditioning into a zoned Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C. With a zoned cooling system in place for us, each room will have its own temperature that both of us can adjust accordingly. I will be thankful, because without his complaints the lot of us might not have gotten 1. I am honestly hoping they are able to go through with their heating and cooling promise, as long as it’s not too fancy.

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