Take the dogs out, or the HVAC technician won’t come in.

The last thing I heard the dispatcher before leaving to get into my service van was, ‘take the dog out, or the HVAC technician won’t come in.

I have been bitten twice, and the second time, I almost died when a dog mauled me.

I refuse to go into a house if they have dogs that are running loose. It isn’t the dogs’ fault they are trying to protect their owner. I’m a stranger in their environment. It is up to the dog owner to protect the animal, so they don’t feel they need to protect. Whenever an HVAC technician heads to a customer’s house, the dispatcher will ask about animals and tell the owner the animals need to be secured. The two times a dog attacked me, the owners didn’t listen to the dispatcher. They said it was their house, and they did what they thought was right. I walked up to the door and had my HVAC ID badge on my shirt. The owner came outside and told me he had a dog. I told him I wouldn’t come in the house until it was secured. He said his wife was holding the dog, but I wasn’t satisfied. I could remember how I felt when another dog latched onto my throat. I apologized, but told him that if the dog wasn’t crated, or behind a closed door, I would not come in. He said he needed his furnace repaired, and I told him he had to secure the dog. This went on for ten minutes before I got back into my HVAC service van. He called the office to complain about me, but the dispatcher backed me up.



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