She’s super busy and I feel awful

I think honestly bad for my sibling, as she sincerely has been having a honestly rough time lately. She has always suffered from migraines her whole life, however as of recently, they have gotten worse, plus the medication that everyone usually takes to make them go away hasn’t been actually working well either. She has been to the hospital numerous times, however the other medications they prescribed have just made it much worse. The migraines were getting so bad to the point where he had to take days off of work, but as if life couldn’t get any worse for her, the air conditioning broke down. She told myself and others the other day that having no cooling system plus dealing with migraines is 1 of the worst feelings on the earth. Usually my sis is just able to sit in bed until the migraines go away, however with the heat, I know she is unable to do that because his bed becomes hot honestly suddenly. I felt so damn bad for her, so I arranged to have a cooling professional come to his beach apartment at 2:00 tomorrow. While the cooling worker is actually working on the whole Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C unit, I am going to take us away to a spa day plus hope that will make things a little better for her. She doesn’t know I have any of this planned, but I’m hoping tomorrow will be an unbelievable day, because I know migraines can be unpredictable. I’m hoping that this might cheer everyone up a bit, especially when the a/c is fixed.
furnace/heater repair