My son overnight camp has air conditioning, and I am relieved

I am sending my son to an overnight Summer camp next week.

He wanted to go because his best friend would be there as well, so I agreed.

He has gone to day camp before where I was able to pick him up at the end of each session. But overnight is a whole other level as he has never spent an extended amount of time away from home without me being present. This camp is great because they will be learning some team building techniques, he will go horseback riding, play soccer as well as other sports, and he’ll also have a chance to fish and enjoy other water recreational activities. So, he will be busy, and I am sure he will have a great time. Prior to booking, I was a bit concerned about the sleeping conditions. I wanted to make sure that the facilities were comfortable and clean. I also wanted to make sure that the cabins had air conditioning. Lately, the weather has really gotten hotter outside, and I wanted to make sure that at night he wasn’t sleeping in the heat without A/C. My son gets a heat rash when he is exposed to too much heat, and this was a concern of mine. Heat rashes aren’t terrible, but I don’t want my son to ignore it because it’s an indication that his body is overheating. Anyway, I am comfortable knowing that the cabins have air conditioning. That gave me some peace knowing that he won’t be sleeping in the heat, and I will be packing his heat rash cream for him to use just in case.


a/c professional