My A/C condenser is in direct sunlight

I live in a 2-bedroom duplex, and I love it here.

The place is perfect for me because I live alone.

I don’t own the home, but I am friends with the landlord. Well, he’s more like family, he’s really good friends with my dad. And when he heard I was looking for a space to rent for a few months he did not hesitate to offer this space to me. I love this duplex because it has a small yard where I can sit and hang out from time to time. I have a covered swinging bench that I purchased, so it provides a space to write and work during the day. While sitting in the yard, I noticed that the A/C condenser is in direct sunlight. There is a small bush around it but it’s not providing too much shade. And with the temperatures heating up the way that they have been, I am wondering if that heat doesn’t create extra wear and tear on the unit. Or cause it to lose efficiency, which means I would end up paying more than I should to keep the place cool. So, I did a quick search and found that these outside condensers are pretty durable. They are built to withstand harsh weather like storms and heavy rain. However, I discovered that they are the most efficient when the temperature is 100 degrees or below. Well, lately the temperature has been in the high 90’s, which means that this unit being in the direct sun could be losing some efficiency. Perhaps, I could ask my dad’s friend to build some kind of shading for the condenser unit.

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