Learning about long term health and blood pressure

I don’t exercise to lose weight, I do it to help my blood pressure. Entering middle age is not a treat, let me tell you that! I have always had a contentious relationship with my body, but being in my 40s has made everything a lot worse. Although I am not a skinny man, I have never had a problem with being overweight. My blood pressure is a whole other story, however, and years worth of smoking and drinking made my BP very high. I needed to start a workout program not to cut weight, but to raise my overall level of health and settle my blood pressure down to a safer level. I started to see a personal trainer at the gym, but this was a temporary arrangement. I wanted to learn what a certified personal trainer could teach me about long term fitness goals, and then I would handle it by myself. It isn’t that I don’t trust the personal trainers, I value their wisdom very much, I just can’t afford to keep paying gym membership fees. For what I am looking for, I don’t need a weight lifting room or an olympic sized pool. I need steady, constant activity that will help lower my blood pressure, and that is not something I need to pay gym fees for. I can see myself taking yoga classes in the future, but when I do it won’t be at the gym, it will be at a private studio. A quiet, private studio is the best place to practice yoga techniques.

Personal Fitness Programs