Last step of winter prep is actually protecting the HVAC cooling

It’s been really sort of a surprise just how much I’ve enjoyed the HVAC cooling in the summer the last couple of years.

For as long as we’ve owned this house, we’ve had central air conditioning.

That said, we never had HVAC cooling added to the heating we get from the gas furnace. This was mostly because we live so far north that the summers are very mild. Sure, it might get a bit hot for a month or a bit more at the height of summer. But that’s about it. However, as my wife and I got older, we were feeling the heat in the house a lot more. That has everything to do with the fact that we’ve slowed down considerably and spent more time inside. So having HVAC cooling added to the central air conditioning was a bonus that I really wasn’t expecting to like so much. My initial reaction was that we were spending money that we didn’t need to spend on air conditioning that we didn’t really need. Yet, my wife was rather insistent about getting the HVAC cooling. And I have to say, she was right on the money with that call. We both have enjoyed the summers inside the central air conditioning now that the HVAC cooling has been added. What’s sort of ironic is the fact that the last thing I do in the fall for winter prep is protect the air conditioning. The HVAC cabinet that does the HVAC cooling sits outside our house. So I put a hard plastic shell over it to protect it from the elements during our harsh winter.



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