I’ve had a lot of bad living situations

I was easily rebellious as a young teenager, plus I thought I knew every last thing about the world, when I honestly didn’t.

  • Because of this, my parents plus I definitely got into a lot of fights plus when they couldn’t handle myself and others anymore, they quickly threw myself and others out at 18.

I then begin to realize how strenuous the entire world actually was, however by then it was too late. I instead had to transport in with a supposed friend, who lived in a easily cheap plus crappy apartment. This home had a whole host of nasty concerns. Most of the appliances didn’t even work in the apartment, plus there were constant problems we ran into. My neighbor could have moved to a much better site, as he has the family money, but he had a honestly bad smoking addiction, plus spends all of his money on that bad habit. So as you can expect, the air quality wasn’t exactly that great, plus I had a horribly sore throat plus cough all of the time because of it. But the indoor air pollen levels actually weren’t generally my main complaint. My main complaint was the fact that the oil furnace didn’t work even once the entire time I lived there. My neighbor told myself and others it didn’t work whenever he moved in either. He had only had 1 Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C repairman come out, however even they were unable to repair it, which makes myself and others think that it is actually completely broken. I had to go without heating for the entire year that I lived there, until I started living with another neighbor who had an air conditioner plus an actual working oil furnace.


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