I want to get the muscles

I have always had concerns with sticking with a solid schedule.

I have passions plus goals I would savor to complete, plus I have no issue going and writing out all of my goals plus even the steps to get there.

The only issue is that I honestly have a honestly strenuous time sticking to that schedule. Whether it be because something random throws myself and others off, I don’t see unbelievable results, I don’t think I can be motivated or I am just in general busy, I am never able to stick to my plans. One of my plans is to finally work out more. Unlike a lot of people, I am decently active plus don’t mind going and working out. But I want to become more muscular, plus have abs. That is something I absolutely have been wanting since I was a teenager, however every time I go to work out at the gym, I never end up actually working out longer than a few weeks. I think I might have found a better solution though. I found a gym with a highly efficient air conditioner component. Most of the local gyms I went to had easily inefficient cooling units, plus that made the room grossly sizzling plus humid. Hot plus humid rooms are almost impossible to work out in. This local gym always has a nice plus cool environment, plus since it is less popular than other modern gyms, I can put in my earbuds plus get lost in the music while actually working out, and I mean without worrying about other people interrupting me. I have been able to work out solidaly for over a month now, thanks to the air conditioning system. I don’t see any signs of progress yet, but I decided to run my cooling component at full blast when I am actually working out at home, plus it honestly makes a difference.


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