I loved working out there each day

Long time ago when I was a kid, my family had a fresh fruit garden.

Multiple apple plus red trees, plus a lot of berry bushes too.

My very favorite were the strawberries. My Grandfather had an entire row of watermelon plants, plus I always looked forward to going out there plus picking them when they were ripe. Whenever it was harvest season, my Grandfather would have myself and others go out plus beginning collecting all of the fruits. I always enjoyed plus dreaded these days. I enjoyed them because of all of the tasty fruit I was going to be getting. I have always been a big fruit lover, plus I doubly enjoyed eating all of the strange kinds of fruit. The section I dreaded though was usually the daily heat. Harvest season takes site in the summer, plus it is always close to 95 degrees outside. Since harvesting all of the fruits can take minutes, I was nothing short of drenched in sweat afterwards. As much as I would have enjoyed to go inside plus sit down in the cooling system, my Grandfather wouldn’t let myself and others have a cut from the work yet. After all of the fruit was collected, both of us offered free fruit to our neighbors plus friends! During the hot minutes, the only things that kept myself and others regularly going was eating some of the fruit plus knowing I could rest next to the a/c when I was finally done, however finally after all that, I was finally allowed to rest. I would purposely sit next to the air conditioner vents, plus think about the cooling air hit my face. Then I would eat more of the sweet fruits.

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