I have an electric fireplace to keep me warm

I plan to replace the old oil furnace soon and install a new electric unit.

Well, I won’t be doing the job, rather the plan is to hire a Heating & A/C company to do the upgrade.

After speaking with them, we agreed they’re going to come out in a week to bring me an estimate. The old oil furnace in my home is 17 years old and it’s time to install an energy efficient and modern heating system. In the meantime, I bought a gas fireplace to keep me cozy so it isn’t essential that it’s done immediately. But, ideally, I don’t want to rely on the fireplace for too long as it doesn’t warm the whole cabin like other heating systems. Once the installation is done, the cabin should be nice for a while because they say the new component is guaranteed for more than a decade. I’d like to get a service plan for my Heating & A/C unit because the air conditioner is still in good condition, but with maintenance it will do better. I’ve gone for some time before without getting it proper tune ups and seen that it lost some of its efficiency. Plus, the power bills went up significantly as a result. The HVAC experts said they would manage to do the furnace removal and replacement in less than 12 hours, which would be fantastic because then I don’t have to worry about trying to stay cozy with just the gas fireplace.



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