I had no way to call the HVAC company.

During one of our recent snowstorms, the electricity was out for two days. When the power came back on, our furnace didn’t. That’s when I realized our phones had no signal, but the phone company was working on the problem. I had no way to call the HVAC company when our phones weren’t working. We drove almost fifty miles until we found a place where we had a signal. I called the HVAC company and told them what happened to our furnace. He asked if he could call back and give us an approximate time for his arrival. We sat in the car, fifty miles from home, and waited for the HVAC company to call back. Two hours later, they called. He said he didn’t have an appointment for two days, and that was at 3 PM. We took the appointment and thanked him. He said the HVAC technician would call when he was on the way. I was hoping we would have a phone signal by then, and I said that to the dispatcher. He sighed and told us to make sure we were home that day. He would let the HVAC technician know about the phone signal. If no one answered, he was supposed to just show up at the house. Two days later, my husband and I were sitting in the house, waiting for the phone call. When no one called by 4 PM, I called them. Whoever answered said they tried to call, but no one answered. I asked what happened to the dispatcher telling them our phones didn’t work, and all he could say was no one told them.

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