How do you know if you need your ducts cleaned?

Last week, I was chatting with my dad, and he said that he scheduled an air duct cleaning with a local company.

Of course, I asked him why he needed his air ducts cleaned. He mentioned that his friend had gotten his ducts cleaned and he recommended that my dad do the same. Well, I told my dad that air ducts should be cleaned on an as needed basis. Meaning, if there is a pest problem then cleaning the air ducts is recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency. The agency also recommends cleaning the ducts if there is a buildup of mold. In addition, if you notice excess debris buildup on air vents, then you should consider cleaning the air ducts, but if none of these conditions exists, studies have shown that cleaning air ducts are not necessary. Of course, it’s up to the homeowner because they should be able to determine what is best for them. I have never gotten my air ducts cleaned because my HVAC technician has never mentioned it as something that I need to do. My dad is still going through with getting his air ducts cleaned, which is fine. But I have told him that once he cleans it now, that he wouldn’t need to do it again unless there is a serious problem. I mentioned to him that if his HVAC technician hasn’t said anything about his air ducts then they are functioning fine. At least he will have cleaner air ducts and perhaps better air quality, but the studies haven’t necessarily proven that.


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