Getting revenge by getting fit

I am not the type of person who files a lawsuit when their feelings get hurt, but I am sorely tempted to in this case.

My boyfriend Rex and I had only joined this gym about three months ago, but I had already noticed how he was getting looks from one of the trainers.

I kept my eyes on her, and then one day I caught her making a move on Rex in the steam room. She and I got into it, and a few punches were thrown. I was immediately kicked out, and my gym membership was revoked permanently. I was banned for life from the only halfway-decent gym this little town has. To make things worse, Rex dumped me a few days later and started going out with that personal trainer I beat up! Now I see the two of them posting on social media from the gym every single day, and they are all over each other. With now additional gyms in town, I feel like the deck has been stacked against me. That is all the more reason to not let them win! No one really needs a gym in order to be healthy, right? We live in the middle of the farming country, and there are very few gyms but also very few obese people, because everyone has to stay active and work! Saying I need a gym or a personal trainer in order to lose weight and be healthy is just an excuse. Instead of excuses I need revenge, and the best revenge is getting fit without their stupid gym.

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