Didn’t make sense to cancel the appointment and reschedule a little later

Early Monday in the early morning, I gained a phone call from a customer.

  • The client was having a difficult time with his A/C appliance and he wanted to schedule an appointment for us to help.

I genuinely was more than happy to help the guy by scheduling an appointment with a single of our expert Heating, Ventilation & A/C equipment repair dealers. I told the client that we would be able to help him out around supper time. I had a contractor available at 11 am. The guy sounded pleased with the time frame that I offered him. I sent my men out to take care of their respective tasks. The first person to finish with their job was Toby, he had a tune up early that day. I told Toby to head over to the address for the client that called earlier. I contacted the client to let him become aware that a service pro was on the way. The guy called me back a minute later to cancel the appointment. I asked the guy if he found someone else to take care of the work, even though he wasn’t willing to supply me with any information. They simply canceled the repair with no explanation. I called Toby on the phone, even though he never bothered to answer. He did not find out that the job was canceled until he got to the address and spoke with the customer. I sent Toby to a different work assignment. Later that day, the same guy chose to call again. He wanted me to send a repair worker all over again. This time I told the guy that I would not be able to send someone out there unless he was going to commit to the appointment. The guy was 25 miles outside of the village and I did not want to send another one of my workers out there for no reason.

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