Air purification brings about better respiratory health

For the longest time, I’ve been dealing with head, sinus and chest congestion that wants to just hang on forever and ever. That sure wasn’t a plus during Covid. It’s like I was getting tested for the virus all the time. Even though I was working from the central air conditioning of our home, I wanted to be sure I was isolated in the basement if I was positive for Covid. But again and again, it was like a cold that just wouldn’t go away. I felt okay enough to work but still pretty much had to drag myself around. And this would go on for weeks. Finally, I went to the doctor to see what I could do to change this cycle. The answers surprised me a bit. For one, I needed to make some changes to my lifestyle. Namely, I needed to be less sedentary and get out of the air conditioning and get some exercise. Along with the exercise came some diet changes as well. That was even tougher. However, when the doctor started talking to me about improving the indoor air quality of our home, I had no clue what that meant. She explained there are so many airborne contaminants that are attacking my respiratory system when the indoor air quality is poor. This led me to the HVAC professionals where I learned all about air purification. And this ended up with us putting in a whole home air purification system. That turned out to be just the best thing ever. Not only is my respiratory health back to where it should be but the house smells wonderful like all the time.

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