Air conditioning is an essential need in some states

Did you hear the news about all the animals that have been dying from overheating out in the Midwest? This should be concerning to us all because when thousands of animals die like that, it interrupts the supply.

  • Also, it shows that the temperature outside is getting hotter and hotter.

And if the climate keeps warming up like this, we will be affected in more ways than we would like to admit. Humans can be impacted by this heat as well. Our bodies can overheat from being in the sun or in the heat for too long. There are states in the country where A/C is required and considered an essential need because it gets so hot. So, if any landlord is renting a property, they must provide working air conditioners to their tenants. In addition, if an A/C breaks the landlord has 48 hours to fix the issue. On the other hand, in the state that I live in, landlords are not required to provide A/C. And to be honest, I am not sure why that would be the case because we experience really hot Summers here. The temperature gets up into the high 90’s almost every day, so having an air conditioner would be one of the only ways to get relief from the heat. Fans can be used to cool down a home, but if the temperature inside the house is 90 degrees, all the fan would be doing is circulating that hot air around the room. Although it gets really hot here, I am glad that most people have air conditioning, and for the ones who don’t, I hope that they are finding ways to keep cool.

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