A window heat pump is great for a studio apartment

My husband and I just purchased a new rental property.

  • It’s a small 600 square foot studio apartment that is in a cute building on the other side of town.

I love the place, but it needs a bit of renovating before we get it on the market. We would like to redo the bathroom and pull up the carpet to install wood floors. This small renovation will give the place a new look and make it more attractive when we place it up for rent. Before we place it on the market, we need to install some kind of heating and cooling system. Unfortunately, the studio didn’t come with those options, but I would like to include the amenity because we would be able to rent the unit that much faster. Of course, we prefer not to spend thousands of dollars on a new system. We were thinking of getting a window air conditioner that also provides heating. That would be the ideal product for what we need. Well, I found a system that does just that, and best of all it doesn’t obstruct the window. It’s a window sill heat pump that combines the technology of an A/C, a heater, and a mini-split system. The device is amazing because it doesn’t obstruct the window, so the tenant will be able to open and close the window whenever they want to. In addition, it can be used during all four seasons, and it can cool and heat a space that is 500 square foot. Another great feature that I love is that it comes with a remote control, and it has Wi-Fi capabilities. All this for under $700. I placed the order, and it will be here within a week.


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