The HVAC isn't working well enough to sell the house

My wife and I are trying to sell our house.

We want to move out west and start a small vegetable farm that sells organic fruits, vegetables, and crafts.

It has been a dream of ours since we met in college. The house has been on the market for 6 months and we haven’t had a lot of people interested in giving us an offer. I think we have the house priced well, but some of the amenities like the HVAC , plumbing, and bathroom are in need of updates. I think the biggest reason we can’t sell the house is due to the age of the HVAC unit. It’s over 10 years old and a lot of people don’t want to worry about the HVAC equipment. I can understand, because the HVAC equipment can be very expensive to replace. After spending $200,000 to buy a house, I wouldn’t want to worry about the HVAC equipment either. I told my wife that we should buy a brand-new HVAC unit and install the equipment on our own. She thinks it’s a bad idea. She believes that the new owner will want to install their own heating and cooling equipment. I don’t know which one of us is correct, but I know we haven’t gotten any offers on the house. I wonder if anyone would be interested if we installed a brand new heat pump, ductwork and an air conditioner? Maybe it’s time to call an expert and have them give us an estimate on the total cost for the complete upgrade package.

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Heating the hunting lodge

Every winter I spend two weeks up at the old family cabin.

I do a lot of hunting, but not for sport. No one should ever kill anything just to kill it. I follow all the rules and regulations, and usually come back with enough meat to feed my family for a good six months. If I get lucky, I can bring back enough delicious meat to keep us well fed until the following winter! As an indiginous tribal native, I have special permissions to hunt these lands while very few others do. When I was a kid the old cabin had no furnace, just a very old fireplace with a very cracked flue. Having heating at night also meant nearly choking to death on smoke. The old fireplace is still there, but there is also a wood burning furnace in the kitchen (that doubles as a stove). Of course there is also a very nice, very powerful space heater, for whenever I feel like running the generator. The genny gives this cabin all the light and heating it needs, but it also makes noise and tends to scare away the animals. Whenever possible I leave the genny off and rely on the wood burning furnace for heat, and a portable light for reading my books. I like having the space heater in case of emergencies, or for when people need to stay in the cabin during the off season. I always leave the door unlocked, and a note telling weary travelers how to use the genny and the heater.
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My Mom is stubborn about her AC

My poor mother, if she didn’t suffer in silence she wouldn’t know what to do with herself.

I used to feel bad about it, but then I realized she is one of those people that needs you to feel bad for her.

She makes certain choices to endure quiet hardships, only so later on she can say “oh, that’s okay I don’t want to be any trouble.” It can be a little infuriating, since my natural feeling is to help my mom and make her feel better, but she doesn’t really want to feel better. Recently I found out that her air conditioning broke down at some point in the recent past. Since the COVID pandemic started I haven’t been over to see her very much, so the AC might have broken down any time in the last two months. She never mentioned it to me, even though I am professional HVAC technician, and the man that installed her system for her. Me fixing her air conditioning should have been the easiest thing in the world to ask me for, but she “didn’t want to be any trouble.” I decided I was done feeding her passive aggression, so I told her that if she ever wanted to get her AC working again she could ask. I was not going to volunteer, I was not just going to show up and do it, she needed to ask me to come over and fix her HVAC system for her. If she wants cooling again, she will have to simply ask for my help.

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Having the world’s “coolest” job

I like to think I have the world’s coolest job.

Well, the coolest job for a nerd who is into horror movies and collectables. I won’t bore you with how I got to this position, but suffice to say I own a small online company that sells personally autographed collectables. I have a “signing room” in a building on my property, and I get various horror movie notables to come by and sign items, which I then auction off online. Every item I sell is signed personally, verified by a collectables expert who is present, and backed up with photographs. I almost lost a ton of money last week when the AC broke down in the signing room. I make it sound fancier than it is, but it used to be a work house that I ran some lights and air conditioning into and laid down some carpeting. The celebs don’t really care, they are only there for a few minutes, but that A/C is really the only thing making it tolerable. I came in that morning, for one of the biggest signings I’ve ever had, to find the HVAC system had died sometime the night before. Not only was it stifling hot, but that humidity had been building up for 12 hours and it would take a massive blast of cooling to get it back to normal. Thankfully I was able to get the right HVAC tech on the phone, and I promised him a $100 cash bonus to get the AC fixed within the hour. It worked, and the day was saved.


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I wish I never lied about my profession to my wife’s parents

When I first was getting married to my wife, she urged me to tell her parents that I was a doctor or a lawyer.

She didn’t want them to know that I was an HVAC technician because she thought they would think bad about me.

I didn’t like this idea of lying to her parents about my profession, and I definitely was not ashamed of what I did for a living. She insisted though and so I carried on with the lie that I was a lawyer. I had to tell them what law firm I worked for and talked about some cases that I had to look up. It was a mess but they believed that I was a lawyer. The ironic thing is that I had the impression that my wife’s father did not like lawyers very much, but he did appreciate that I would at least be able to take care of his daughter. Eventually, I was tired of the whole charade about pretending to be a lawyer and hiding my HVAC company van around the block so her parents couldn’t see it when they came to visit. I asked why I couldn’t just put the HVAC company van in the garage, but she said they might go in the garage and see it there. Eventually I told my wife that I was going to tell the truth. She begged me not to though and this was becoming a tense situation. When her parents were over for dinner, I told them that I decided to leave the law firm when I got my HVAC certification. I said I was tired of working as a lawyer and I wanted to do something hands on. My wife was tense at this moment, but her father smiled and said he was glad I got out of that line of work to get into a more respectable type of career.

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My buddy thinks he may have messed up with his advice column

A good friend of mine actually started up this advice column that has become incredibly popular.

The crazy thing is, he writes the column under a female pseudonym.

He wanted to be entirely anonymous when writing the advice column and he figured it would gain more popularity if it was written by a female. It honestly seems to be the case because he has all kinds of people asking for advice on a regular basis. He even talks a lot about the importance of keeping up with HVAC system maintenance and investing in HVAC components to improve air quality in the household. People really love that he speaks about taking good care of the HVAC system and getting regular HVAC system maintenance. A lot of people say that ‘she’ should consider getting into the HVAC industry because they really need more females out there doing HVAC work. My buddy sometimes tells me that he wishes he never used the female pseudonym because he says it feels like he is deceiving all these people. He has been asked to be in interviews and things of that nature, but for obvious reasons he has to decline. He wonders if it will all fall apart when everybody learns that he is really a man and not a woman writing this advice column. I would hope that people would understand that he really just wanted to remain anonymous and do this as a hobby, but people might take it the wrong way. I mean let’s face it, nobody likes to be deceived especially when they are asking for good advice.



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We installed numerous cooling systems hooked up to solar panels at the amusement park

I have owned an HVAC business for about 15 years and one of my favorite projects was working at a local amusement park.

The owners of the amusement park were asking us if we could install specialized cooling systems for some of the lines of their roller coaster rides.

I was more than happy to work on this project. We installed some advanced cooling systems that are hooked up to solar panels for the ultimate energy efficiency. The cooling systems are set up strategically so that people who are waiting in the lines are able to get the ultimate cooling effects. I do like how some of these lines are set up because some of them weave through cave-like entrances where the cooling systems are highly effective. For the people who are waiting outside in the sunshine, we were able to set up some tent-like structures for shade and we hooked up a bunch of misters that will spray people so they are not too overheated. When we were finally done with installing various cooling systems around the amusement park, we were very pleased with our work. The owners of the amusement park were so happy that they gave all of my HVAC professionals free season passes to the amusement park! That was definitely the most awesome cooling system installation project all of us have worked on and we will always remember it! We are even thrilled to come back to do maintenance on the cooling systems we have installed in the amusement park. The owners especially appreciate the low cost energy bills thanks to the solar panel set up.


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My wife is never satisfied it seems

I used to think my wife was the perfect woman for me.

She is beautiful, she is a great cook, and she has this passion about life that I really love.

I started to notice a problem over the years though. It seems like nothing is ever good enough for her. She has told me many times that I need to step up my game and get a better job. I thought I was just fine working at the office, but I figured I could try to go for a promotion. When I went for a promotion and failed, this made her angry and she said I should be able to do better. That was just one thing that was an issue. She never seemed to be satisfied with the house we had, so we were always putting up our home for sale and purchasing a different home. We have been through numerous homes in the past 10 years. The latest home is actually really nice and it is equipped with radiant heated floors and a really energy efficient cooling system. When she said she was tired of this house after only 6 months, I told her I really loved the place. This made her mad because she said it was time to move on to something better. She even said that we could afford a much nicer place if I would get a better job already. I had to ask her what she was doing to improve her career. She didn’t go for a better job and I actually was making more money than her, not that it mattered much to me. I realized she would never be satisfied no matter what place we had or how fancy our HVAC system happened to be. We could have a beautiful mansion with multiple fireplaces and she would still want something else.
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Getting a great deal

With some smooth talking and other natural tricks that I have under my sleeves I was able to talk this stingy HVAC contractor down to an extremely affordable option

Ever since I was a young man I have always been good at getting a good deal on things. I think it partially comes from my father who worked as a car salesman for the majority of his life, but personally I think that my bargaining skills are far beyond his. I can still remember the days where I would be at the grocery store with my mom and would try to talk the cashier down to the lowest possible price just for fun. Walther most kids’ gifts to have at a young age don’t serve them very much as an adult, however this really pays it off as I’ve gotten older. just the other day when my air conditioning unit broke down on me I was able to use my bargaining skills to my advantage. Originally the HVAC contractor was wondering a massive sum of money just to replace the unit with a functioning one. With some smooth talking and other natural tricks that I have under my sleeves I was able to talk this stingy HVAC contractor down to an extremely affordable option. While I’m still mad that I’m going to have to spend thousands to replace an air conditioning unit I buy only a few years ago, I am so happy to know that my bargaining skills are in Tip-Top shape. if any of your friends need someone to help them buy a car from a local dealership or anything like that, just let them know that I am around and more than happy to help!


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Roofing maintenance plan does more than just annual repairs

I pay for commercial roof maintenance and I’m so glad that I do.

Every year, the commercial roofing company comes out and inspect my roof and make sure it’s all in good shape. Then they fix up any issues and they also apply a fresh coat of tar every few years. This has kept my business from having any real issues when it comes to roof leaks. However, even the best roof maintenance can’t prevent against all issues. For instance, we had a pretty big storm come through here last week. My managers opened up the business in the morning and they discovered a pretty good leak in one of the corners of the building. I called up my usual commercial roofing company and was surprised that they were able to come out within the hour. That’s when I found out that my roofing plan not only covers their annual visit but I get up to two free visits a year as well. I still have to pay for the materials and labor but the visit itself is free. The maintenance plan also puts me at the head of the line or emergency roof repair after a storm like this. One of our neighboring companies doesn’t pay for a roof maintenance plan and they had to wait over 2 weeks before any commercial roofing company could help them out. Since they’re usually open to the public, this caused a big problem with wet floor signs all over the place and parts of the store closed down. I felt kind of bad for them. I gave them the number to my roofing supplier. But they weren’t able to help them either for several weeks.


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