Tune-ups are important for peak performance

Regular tune-ups should be performed on your home HVAC equipment in order to maintain peak performance from the machine.

I have read that on a dozen different websites.

It must be true if I found it online. Even when the equipment is brand new, regular maintenance is extremely important. A couple of years ago, my wife and I bought a new heat pump and AC unit. It was time to upgrade the machine and we were looking at a huge repair bill. It didn’t make sense to spend $1500 on the AC repair when we could buy a new AC and heat pump for a few thousand dollars more. When we bought all of the new equipment, we signed up for a service contract. In the contract, we pay a low one time fee for a winter and spring tune-up. We also receive no fees for repair estimates and we get 10% off all parts and labor. It was a great deal for the 3 year plan and they rolled the cost into the loan for the HVAC machine. Last spring we had the first service tune-up. The certified tech was very thorough dn he gave us a list of everything that was done. He didn’t have any notes or problems, but there was a section for the guy to write down anything that might become an issue. Our machine still works great and I absolutely feel like we received a quality and affordable service from our service provider. We will absolutely continue to make regularly scheduled tune-up appointments even after our service contract is done.


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I couldn't see the traffic light turn green

A couple of days ago, my son and I were in a major traffic accident.

I was sitting in a long line of traffic.

I was behind a large van and we were sitting at a red light waiting for it to turn green. I wasn’t really paying close attention to the traffic. I was fiddling around with the radio stations and talking to my son who was in the backseat. When I saw the van in front of me start to move, I hit the gas. Unfortunately, the van didn’t actually go anywhere. Instead, I slammed right into the back of the van. My neck swung like a pendulum and my son hit his head on the back of the front seat. I had a headache almost immediately. I got out of the car and I looked at the damage. My car was smashed and the front bummer was barely hanging on. The van had minimal damage, but that didn’t stop the driving from getting out and yelling at me. He got right in my face and started shaking his finger at me. The guy was loudly screaming and yelling. He was wearing a company shirt and I recognized the logo. He worked for a local HVAC repair service. In fact, the van was also registered to the same HVAC repair service. I tried to get the information for the insurance company, but the HVAC technician was too angry to talk with. I decided it was best to call the state police and wait for some help to arrive.

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Waiting for the flight

The last time I had to travel and was stuck at an airport for a few hours it was awful.

It was a very hot day and the central air conditioning system in the airport was not working right.

It felt so hot and stuffy. I had to keep going into one of the coffee shops in there that did have quality and fully working central air conditioning in order to even survive that time in the airport. There were others that were doing the same thing as well. All going into the coffee shop for relief from the non working central air conditioning system. The problem was that the central air conditioning system that they had in the airport was a commercial heating and air conditioning system which needed to be repaired. They were obviously having some issues getting their local heating and air conditioning company to send out a certified heat and a/c specialist to have a look at it. Once the time came when the airplane was finally ready to be boarded, you can not imagine how quick people were to wanna run to the plane and get inside just to have quality air conditioning around them. Me included! I usually hate riding on planes because they scare me. However on this day I could not have been happier to board that plane just to be able to breathe right and enjoy the indoor comfort of central air conditioning! I hope that the airport fixes their commercial heating and air conditioning system at some point in the near future.

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Bill is going up

The very hot season is here, and what this means is that electric bills are going up. You are always having to run your central heating and air conditioning system all of the time. And because of this, the electric bills rise. Central heating and air conditioning systems make it so that you are using a lot of energy. Especially when you have to run the air conditioning all of the time. This is why I ended up finding a way around this. And that was to use the same concept that I do in the winter time months of the year. Which at that time is using a portable space heater to warm my home instead of the central heating all the time. So now in the hot season of the year, I went out and bought a portable air conditioning system unit. The portable air conditioning system unit offsets the use of the central air conditioning and I am saving money on all of that energy use. My electric bills have gone down by over 50 percent thanks to the portable air conditioning system unit. So if you are also having hot season where you are at and are looking to save as much as you can to cool your home. Look into buying a portable air conditioning system. The portable air conditioning system can work together with the central air conditioning system to keep your home nice and cool in the super hot months of the year. Just run it in the day time instead of the central air conditioning system and only run the central air conditioning system at night.



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Is a space heater more energy efficient?

Space heaters use electricity to produce heat.

This HVAC system is ideal for small spaces.

Essentially, it is good HVAC equipment for supplying extra heating in a room or two. However, when heating the whole home, you’d instead go for the central HVAC system. Electric space heaters are not as energy-efficient whole-home heaters as central heating systems. They are also not convenient because you’ll have to transfer them from one room to another to heat your whole home. This is tiring and time-consuming. It is also a burn hazard. When you consider buying a space heater, be sure to get the most energy-efficient space heater in the market. When buying a space heater, get one that’s adapted to heat your room. Compare it to other models to have a broader scope and decide the most energy-efficient heater for your home. However, you can maximize your space heater’s energy efficiency by getting one with a smart thermostat and timer settings. This will help keep the room’s temperature at your desired level. Also, consider getting natural gas or liquid propane-powered space heaters because they can achieve a high energy efficiency of up to 99.9% energy efficiency. Boost your space heater’s energy efficiency by insulating your home. When your house has proper insulation, then the energy consumption will be lowered by over 20%. Seal and insulate your ducts and any holes in the attics, the basement, the doors, garage, and all windows. Finally, ensure your HVAC equipment meets all the industry specifications for a good heating and cooling system.



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Why does my space heater smell like it's burning?

Additionally, a space heater needs regular care and maintenance.

A burning smell from a space heater isn’t a good sign. It would be best if you troubleshoot your HVAC equipment to get to the bottom of the problem. Knowing some of the reasons your space heater smells like it’s burning will help you diagnose and repair your HVAC unit. Often, when you do not clean or change your space heater’s air filters, dirt and dust build-up and clog the heater. When heat passes over the clogged filter, it produces a burning smell. You can fix this issue by changing your air filters. When you place objects near your heating unit when the heat is on, they will produce a burning smell. There should be a suitable distance between your materials heater and things that can easily burn and the heating system. When your HVAC equipment produces an electrical burning smell, it might be an indication of an overheated blower motor. This might shut off your system. But if the system doesn’t shut down when the blower motor overheats, it means there is a severe problem with the HVAC equipment. Therefore, when your HVAC unit produces a burning smell, please turn it off immediately and call an HVAC contractor for help. If the heater has a burning rubber smell, you need to shut off the unit and find the cause of the smell. It could be an electrical failure on your space heater. Call an HVAC technician to fix this issue. Additionally, a space heater needs regular care and maintenance. It would be best always to inspect the outside compartment, including the bottom part, to find discoloration or any unit deformation. Check if the cords are in good condition. Clean the space heater’s removable filters annually. When you clean the filters, you should rinse them in clean water and air-dry them well before reinstalling them.

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What are the benefits of a space heater?

Indoor cold can be a nuisance, especially if your home is located in cold areas.

Therefore, most homeowners use HVAC systems to warm their indoor space artificially.

One of the common heating systems used in homes is the space heater. This HVAC equipment is cheaper to purchase and easy to install since you don’t have to fix ductworks. A space heater price ranges from $30-$300 depending on the type, heating capabilities, and energy efficiency. It is also easy to maintain and repair a space heater. Regular cleaning and periodic HVAC tune-ups will ensure the system functions well at all times. Space heaters also take less time to warm the room. Often, space heaters employ radiant heating, convection heating, and fan heating technologies to warm indoor space. They maintain the ideal temperature for as long as you want. Therefore, you save energy and electricity. If you have a small space, you can use a space heater to keep your indoor area warm. Essentially, the HVAC system allows your skin and clothes to absorb the heat directly, unlike central HVAC systems that warm the air first before warming your body. For small spaces such as bathrooms or bedrooms, space heaters can fit in perfectly to warm the place. Anyone can use a space heater anywhere as long as there is a socket to plug it in. You also don’t need a professional HVAC technician to help you use them. All you have to do is to read the owner’s manual, plug your space heater in a socket and turn it on.

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How to troubleshoot a space heater

Space heaters are very useful in keeping you warm and comfortable during chilly days. But just like other HVAC units, they also break down occasionally. To repair it, you need to understand the common problems of space heaters and troubleshoot the HVAC equipment. One of the common problems is failure to switch off. The system might also not produce heat, and sometimes, some parts of the heater break down or stop working. To troubleshoot the HVAC equipment, you will have to check the heater’s circuit breaker to ensure the heater is powered on. If not, switch it on and make sure the heater is in working condition. If your electric space heater stops functioning, check the thermostat for issues. Sometimes, the thermostat sticks at one temperature point causing heating problems in your indoor space. Turn your thermostat’s settings higher and see if it will start working. Check if the fuse has blown as a faulty fuse is one of the common issues with electric heaters. Inspect your HVAC system’s power socket to ensure it is working properly. If it isn’t, plug your HVAC system into a different socket. You can also unplug the space heater since most space heaters automatically shut off when it overheats, then turn it on again after it has cooled. Lastly, your electric space heater could not power because of a problem with the power cord. Check to find out if the cord is in excellent condition. While at it, also check your HVAC unit’s heating element for faults. By and large, space heaters need continuous maintenance to keep them working at their optimum condition.


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I assume we are going to get a wall mounted Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C plan

Both of us have a easily large good room in our home plus it’s almost more than two stories high.

There’s a large open cabin along with a wood burning fireplace plus chimney made out of river stone.

It’s a appealing room but we have a terrible time trying to keep the temperature comfortable there. The indoor air pollen levels is okay there, but the heating plus the cooling tend to escape the room on a certainly rapid basis. In the winter, I assume it’s absolutely the worst time to be in that room because the place is freezing cold, however even when we have the central heating plan running in the home plus a nice large fire built in the fireplace, the good room is still consistently about ten degrees colder than the rest of the house. That’s a huge difference! Plus, I assume all of the windows tend to make it think colder in the room, too. I have often thought about just buying a couple of little electric space furnaces to put into the good room to help keep the temperature warm enough for us to stand during the winter. But when you have a easily nice, costly, well decorated room like our good room is, you easily hate to mess with the whole aesthetic of the place by putting a couple of ugly electric space furnaces here plus there around the space. That’s why I’ve been talking to 1 of our local heating plus cooling companies. Both of us easily have a guy coming out next week to provide us some ideas on what we might be able to do to help with heating the good room more efficiently plus economically.

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My guys are all particularly stinky

I have multiple teenage guys and they are all super stinky, especially in the summertime when the hot and cold temperatures are genuinely boiling outside.

I have had to spend so much money on sprays and air fresheners over the past couple of years that you would not know it! I have tried just about everything to try and improve the indoor air quality in our house, but nothing seems to be toiling, then there are always stinky socks, athletic hobbys equipment, cleats, and shoes everywhere in the house; Of course, since they are messy teen guys and stinky ones, their stuff is all over the place.

I try to keep it under control but occasionally it just doesn’t work, but anyway, I have been looking for a solution to help with the indoor air quality in our home and finally I got smart and called up our local Heating as well as Air Conditioning company to see if they had any suggestions for me. Of course, they did and now I’m so gleeful that I’m absolutely going to have a solution to the odory home problem. The Heating as well as Air Conditioning worker that I spoke with over the cellphone told myself and others that she absolutely has the same concern in her home with her twin guys and all of their lacrosse equipment; She said that they ended up putting in a whole apartment air purification plan to run in tandem with their heating and cooling plan and it has made all of the difference in the world for them. After she mentioned an air cleaner, I wondered why I hadn’t thought of that myself! I’m so glad that I called. I made an appointment to get our UV light air purification plan installed early next week.



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